Some random pictures I could have added onto my older posts… but… whatever. Here they are!!

Hahaha warm and fuzzy these are. So cute x3

Can you find the real puppy? I couldn’t at first !!

Adorable cat that reminds me of Harry Potter !! 8D

WOW ! Bling for your dog !! Swarovski  crystal doghouse? You must be rich to get one of these for your pet !! :O

Cutest ipod docking ever

The stuff gets crazier from here:

Kittified Superman. Off to save the world !! x3

Exhaust pipe? Adorable !

Uh oh… what happened to her? Overly kittified. She is.

Wow. A bra shop. Of course there would be one out there. Somewhere… somehow…

Aww isn’t that so cute ?! I don’t own a doll that pretty ^^

Close-up, baby (;

Mmm… mystery. I like it. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. or the Phantom of the Opera

It looks like this

except it’s an awesome shade of light purple !! ^^

I got it just in time for school though. I can already feel the puffy eyes comin’ on from lack of sleep =__=”

Recently went and saw Ponyo. I didn’t even know what it was about before I went. I just knew it was a Miyazaki film, and that I loved his art !! And once again, he did not let me down. The art was so beautiful during the underwater scenes. And Ponyo and Sosuke are so cute together !! They should get married ♥

Left - Ponyo, Right - Sosuke

Some cool examples of photoshop.

Wow! That really changes a lot, doesn’t it

It can slim you down, prevent you from looking like a total druggie, etc

DUCKIE !! This is adorable ^^

Suicide by erasing yourself?

You will be shocked.

Best cupcake on earth? Very possible. (:

Barbie Doll cake

Mannequin cake. Impressed? You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Wow. That’s hot.

This cake… is so… awesome… Must have taken forever to make!!

Hogwarts Castle !! ^^

Anybody will recognize this famous landmark.

Tire cake

Eww… but still, amazing.

Beer lovers will l0ve this cake.

Not an alcoholic? Pepsi cake is still here for you. xP

Best wedding cake ever.

Mario and Peach belong together  ♥


heehee… I got hooked up with some samples and wanted to share a bit.

G: I LOVE THIS ONE !! It’s my favorite. It’s summer-y and has a faint coconut tinge to it.

Lil’ Angel: My 2nd. It’s sweet like candy. It fits the name angel because it’s an innocent scent.

Music: 3rd favorite !! It’s just a snazzy sent. I have no idea how to describe it :P but it smells good!!

Love: I think love (character) looks the cutest, but it’s a more sophisticated, slightly sharper scent.

Baby: For all the girls who love a clean scent. But personally, it reminds me a bit of baby powder, so I stay clear x3


A new drama I am watching: 無敵山保妹/Invincible Shan Bao Mei

It is the story of an arrogant dude called Wu Di (Nicholas Teo) and Shan Bao (Amber Kuo), a flat-chested girl who wants to grow up. I’m not really sure what else happens…because I’m only on episode3. But I do know that the love team from “Fated to Love You” have a cameo appearance !! :D I love that drama !!

New manga: Pandora Hearts

It’s really intense, but it has hilarious moments !! Great art too x3

Both of these series are ongoing.

Blah de blah blah… hahaha I was so bored today that I decorated my whole printer and computer, mouse… whole package :) even blinged up my cell charger.

Funny ads capture our attention. Take a look:

(: what an ugly color

Cute ad !!

Pepsi also does a good job of getting the point across

Hahaha aww ^^

Ohh, smart ad. Doesn’t say Coca-Cola, but we all know it. Mmm Coke just got badly burnt :P

I always read the funny jokes and cartoons, but recently I heard that RD is going bankrupt?! I’m going to miss this short magazine. I sure hope it won’t go away forever!

Some hilarious cartoons I will miss:

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