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GenCon 2011

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

Lego Battlebots
Lego Battlebots
Lego Minifigs
A booth full of Lego Minifigs
IMG_6007 IMAG0582 IMG_6003
Lots of dice!
Chainmail Teddybear
The teddy bear I made a chain mail shirt for.
Wizards Booth Poster
Toy Booth
A booth full of Godzilla stuff.
A life sized Dalek from Doctor Who.
10th Doctor Cosplay
The 10th Doctor
Doctor Who and Weeping Angel
Doctor Who and a Weeping Angel
Jareth Cosplay
Jareth from “The Labyrinth”
Misty from Pokemon
Vault kids Vault kids back
Vault Kids from Fallout
Chell Cosplay
Chell from Portal and Portal II
Star Wars Characters
Boba Fett & Kilted Stormtrooper
Boba Fett and a Kilted Stormtrooper
Tusken Raider
A Tusken Raider

GenCon 2010 Part 2

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

Well, onto the rest of my GenCon trip.

  Some awesome costumes.

Cloud vs. a red dragon.

From the True Dungeon, it’s a person trapped in a Gelatinous Cube.

Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen from The Guild.

The Indianapolis state capitol.

At the Indianapolis Zoo.

There is a pretty garden next door to the zoo.

Picture Gallery with Pixa.us

GenCon 2010 Part 1

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

August 5-8

Well, this isn’t about something I did in Japan, it is however, way to totally awesome not to write about.  The beginning of August each year marks the biggest gaming convention in the world.  They have every kind of game imaginable: board games, collectible card games, RPGs, etc..  This year there were a little over 30,000 attendees that descended upon Indy for “The Best 4 Days in Gaming.”  It’s so much fun, getting to meet lots of people and find all sorts of cool new games.  Plus all the geek related goodies are sooooo hard to pass up.

I’ve got a few pictures so I’m going to break this up into 2 posts.

Pictures from on the way there.

Awesome statues.

A cool and rather complex setup.

It’s not GenCon unless there’s lots and lots of dice.

From a game of Zombies!!! vs. Humans!!! vs. Martians!!!  It was a lot of fun, and worked surprisingly well.

A lock pick set and a belt pouch.

Dice Flails, to cool.

A T-shirt for the Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop from Avatar: The Last Airbender made by EcoGeek.

Cute beanies from pawstar.

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