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More Bead Sprites

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

So I’ve made a few more Bead Sprites, these ones were pretty fun. I found a YouTube video showing how to make the Minecraft Creep:
Creep left side Creep right side
Hyrulian Crest
Hyrulian Crest
Scooby Doo, Final Fantasy VI (III) Magicite, Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe, Zelda Treasure Chest, Mario Warp Flute, Bob-omb, Chrono Trigger Robo, Tetris Pieces
Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede
Final Fantasy Phoenix
3D-ish Companion Cube
3D-ish Companion Cube
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy VI (III) Cast
Final Fantasy VI (III) Tent
Magical Trevor
Magical Trevor

More Fuse Bead Art

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

I’m really liking the fuse bead crafts.  Easy though it can be a little time consuming for bigger projects.  For the most part I can make quite a few in a day, and with my new little iron I have much more control over which beads I’m melting.  It’s called a Petite Press Portable Iron.  I haven’t tried any other mini iron, but I’m still pleased with mine.

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Fuse Bead Art!

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

I started getting into fuse beads several months back, this is most of what I’ve made so far.  I’ve given a few away as gifts before I started taking pictures.  It’s pretty fun to make these, though the big ones can be a little tricky.  I’m currently working on a phoenix from the Final Fantasy series, I had to order more boards so I can finish it.

For the most part I find pictures of pre-made fuse bead art of ones I’d like to make and use them as patterns.  This works pretty good, though finding some well defined pictures can be trying, most pictures I find are small and blurry.  So the pictures I take I try to make clear and defined.

There is software out there that will take any picture you have and it’ll turn it into an image simple enough to create bead art with.

Legend of Zelda

Final Fantasy

In order of appearance:

Xellos from Slayers; the TARDIS from Doctor Who; a Companion Cube from Portal; Slimes from Dragon Quest; Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Starman and a Super Leaf from Mario; Drifloon from Pokemon, Fuwante (フワンテ) in Japanese; and Tails from Sonic.

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