Hirosaki Chrysanthimum Festival

Late October we went up to Hirosaki for their annual chrysanthemum festival. Despite how many years we had been living in Japan, we had had never made it for this festival. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, I think perhaps a bunch of old ladies and potted flowers is what I had imagined. While there were some, it was mostly these amazing displays made entirely of flowers. I really liked the samurai era displays where all their clothing was made of flowers.
IMG_4857 IMG_4867 IMG_4875
IMG_4894 IMG_4905 IMG_4907
IMG_4985 IMG_5022 IMG_5057
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  1. Did you get Sanrio stuff?

  2. I did! I got a HK wash cloth of her holding apples or something. I’ll have to dig all my Sanrio stuff out and take a picture. ^^

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