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That’s it Folks

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

That concludes my photoblog of my 4 years on Japan. I’m proud that my pictures have been getting better over the years. I went through them all again when I moved to Flickr and the difference from when I started out to now is noticeable. I will however, continue to post new photos about my adventures in Hawaii and elsewhere.


More Bead Sprites

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

So I’ve made a few more Bead Sprites, these ones were pretty fun. I found a YouTube video showing how to make the Minecraft Creep:
Creep left side Creep right side
Hyrulian Crest
Hyrulian Crest
Scooby Doo, Final Fantasy VI (III) Magicite, Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe, Zelda Treasure Chest, Mario Warp Flute, Bob-omb, Chrono Trigger Robo, Tetris Pieces
Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede
Final Fantasy Phoenix
3D-ish Companion Cube
3D-ish Companion Cube
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy VI (III) Cast
Final Fantasy VI (III) Tent
Magical Trevor
Magical Trevor

GenCon 2011

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

Lego Battlebots
Lego Battlebots
Lego Minifigs
A booth full of Lego Minifigs
IMG_6007 IMAG0582 IMG_6003
Lots of dice!
Chainmail Teddybear
The teddy bear I made a chain mail shirt for.
Wizards Booth Poster
Toy Booth
A booth full of Godzilla stuff.
A life sized Dalek from Doctor Who.
10th Doctor Cosplay
The 10th Doctor
Doctor Who and Weeping Angel
Doctor Who and a Weeping Angel
Jareth Cosplay
Jareth from “The Labyrinth”
Misty from Pokemon
Vault kids Vault kids back
Vault Kids from Fallout
Chell Cosplay
Chell from Portal and Portal II
Star Wars Characters
Boba Fett & Kilted Stormtrooper
Boba Fett and a Kilted Stormtrooper
Tusken Raider
A Tusken Raider

Fun Stuff in Japan

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

These are pics of random stuff I really thought were fun from all over Japan!
Super Dream Circus! I didn’t go but I thought it was cool.
Under failure
Posted on a broken video game machine.
19Jul09 024
031 - Copy
A bank where your money levels the little dude up so you can get gear and stuff. What a clever idea.
English on a random T-Shirt.
A Samurai helmet and sword for boys day.
012 009
Random Gatchapon machines.
024 021 018
Cans of coffee.
Good advice
IMG_0371c IMG_0374c IMG_0373c
IMG_5194 Matsushima 015
curry drink 2 Rei Mouse Pad Llamas

A Visit to Aomori

by kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com

Late November K and I took the train up to Aomori to go visit the Aomori Museum of Art to see the Studio Ghibli exhibit. The exhibit was nice, it was concept art and story boards from all their movies. Some really gorgeous stuff. They had a pretty big store full of ghibli stuff, we picked up some fun and cute things like folders and stuffed animals.
007 012 IMG_0327

After the museum we went over to the Sannai Maruyama site. I really love the clay pottery and figures they’ve dug up.
IMG_0336 IMG_0358

We wandered around the outside train station before catching the train back home and they had these interesting lantern displays set up.
034 028 019 017

A few weeks later the first weekend of December, right before we left the country I went with 2 friends. Everything was getting decorated for Christmas. We stopped at an anime and manga shop, Village Vanguard a couple malls and then went to Ghibli exhibit. It was a fun trip!
013 005 004 001

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