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ishiko’s adventures in hello kitty online land

Tip for fighting monsters

I discovered a little tip that may help when you are fighting monsters.  I noticed that when I would try and click on monster I wouldn’t always activate the want function. It became pretty annoying when you are standing there getting hit but I couldn’t quite click on the monster to fight back.

Well, if you press “T” on the keyboard you will automatically lock-on to the closest monster. You will even automatically walk towards it as well. It’s a whole lot faster and easier when you have to collect a lot of rat tails…or some other creature items.

Farming 101

An Update was added to HKO FB today and now some of the issues mentioned in my first post have been resolved. I am now able to go to London and complete the quests in English..and that is a great relief.

I also have started farming.  (The Farm Manager is in London, dressed in black) I started by planting strawberries. Mary asks for 15 big fresh strawberries in order to make 10 cakes for Latte. She gives you the seeds but you have to buy the fertilizer. Once you plant the seeds you’ll have to watch them carefully. They will grow or die whether you are there in the farm or not. I lost a few strawberry plants when I accidentally left the game running while I was doing to cleaning.

One good thing is that you can also store some of your items in the farm warehouse. That comes in handy since you can’t carry a lot in your personal inventory. I sell a slot of stuff but I wanted to keep some of the old clothes and wands that I’ve accumulated for my fiance when he finally starts playing the game.  Another nice feature at the farm is the “pause” button. I set my farm to pause at the moment because I won’t be going back there any time soon and I don’t want my Strawberry plants to die while I am away.

Right now I have gone back to Florapolis to complete a few quests for Mr. Policeman that I missed on my first trip. It’s a lot easier now that my level is up. It might have been harder to do those quests earlier in the game.

Remember you can find me on HKO FB as “ishiko

HKO Founders Beta

I was very anxious to start playing Hello Kitty Online. Even with all the bugs of Closed Beta I really enjoyed the game. Now, I am part of HKO’s Founders Beta. I am also enjoying this installment of the game as well.

HKO FB had a slow start and there were many issues. The portals between areas of the games weren’t working well and the battles all seemed to be lagging.  But, that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem anymore. At the moment, however, I am in Londan and am having issues with a few of the NPCs. The text is showing in Chinese and since I can’t translate any of it I can’t do much but wait until the problem is solved. I don’t mind though. I’ve been spending most of my time building up my levels and buying better gear.

I also had a problem when I decided to purchase a new hair style. I bought “Pink Hair 3 for girl” but when I added it to my character I appeared bald on the screen. My character info showed the pink hair on my head but that wasn’t the case in the actually game. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any way to go back to my basic hair style. I was able to contact a GM and get new blue hair. I did find it frustrating that my hard earned money didn’t get to go to the item that I really wanted. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon as well.

I’ll be updating my blog with screenshots and other bits of information as the game goes on. I may also go back and give some hints and tips about the quests that I have already accomplished.

You can find me on HKO FB as “ishiko”

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