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ishiko’s adventures in hello kitty online land

Belated Thanksgiving post

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was able to travel back home (with my husband and new puppy) to visit with my mother and step-father for the occasion. I had a fantastic time although the weather wasn’t the greatest. I did enjoy a bit of relaxation. Of course that meant time away from the computer as well as HKO, lol.

I haven’t played in almost 2 weeks and I’m feeling very far behind at them moment. I’ve just reached London and am close to a new Lvl 4 farm. I am happy to see that the price of seeds has dramatically decreased since Closed Beta. It now seems quite possible to upgrade to a new farm without having to spend days grinding to make enough money.  I was also very pleased to see that Sakura’s Tailoring Questing in Florapolis weren’t as involved and draining as they had been in the past.

I’m anxious to see what new quests lay ahead. I only made it to Paris in the Founder’s Beta and at that time there weren’t any quests there.

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