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I completely forgot that the HKO Christmas Reunion started last night. I even update the client earlier in the day. I was so exhausted last night that it completely slipped my mind.

I already checked out the item mall and i can’t wait for some of those hair styles to become available. I am dying for the Strawberry hair!

So, I decided to buy myself a new face as well and this cute kitty hat.

So, here is a little helpful information about the HKO Christmas Reunion Event - Saving Christmas

Talk to Cinnamonroll in Sanrio Harbor to receive the event quest. Upon completing this quest you will receive The Spirit of Christmas.
- You will need to fix the following items - Bent Gear, Santa’s Ripped Pants, Broken Bell, and Santa’s Reins
- You will also need to locate the following items - Missing Gifts, Reindeer Food, Missing letter to Santa

Go to NY (use the map if you need help finding the entrance in Sanrio Harbor)

Bent Gear Quest -
Talk to Chococat in NY. He will tell you to go see Tuxedo Sam in Florapolis.
Talk to Tuxedo Sam and he will receive item Brand New Gear.

Santa’s Reins Quest -
Talk to Coro in NY. You will need to prepare the following items to repair the reins:
- Straps - 4
- Zipper - 5
- Copper ring - 10

Santa’s Ripped Pants Quest -
Talk to Tsunko in NY. You must gather ( or make) the following items to repair the pants:
- Red dye - 5
- Santa’s ripped pants - 1
- Zipper - 1
- Cotton - 10

Broken Bell Quest -
Talk to Pandaba in NY and he will tell you what you need to repair the broken bell:
- Broken bell - 1
- Yellow dye - 5
- Copper - 10
- Iron ore -20

…More info coming ( as long as I have time to finish the quest) on the locations of the other items!

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  1. Oh man, I needed this. Thanks!^_^

  2. Thanks for the info Ishiko. ^_^
    Cute new look and hat ^_^ (Too bad the hat’s for girl’s only.)

  3. But I’m glad you got the hat. (Sorry for anything I said.)

  4. omg i just scrolled through your blog and found that you have some pretty awesome guides which I totally missed! :\ Gah! :P

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