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Christmas in Tokyo

I’ve been so busy lately that I just haven’t had time to update.  I’m very excited because my hubby and I are leaving soon for our honeymoon. We’re taking a trip to Tokyo, Japan and spending the holiday season there. I’m really looking forward to seeing Tokyo all lit up and decorated for the holidays.

We are renting an apartment right in the heart of Tokyo. It was amazing how expensive it could be to book a nice hotel room for the whole trip. Renting a fully serviced apartment was a much better option for us. We’ll even have out own little kitchen and washer/dryer!

Both my husband and I have been to japan before but that was a separate times. I went right out of high school with my best friend and we spent the summer there. It was like one big shopping trip with a whole bunch of concerts thrown in./ We had great fun and I’m really looking forward to all of that again. Although this time I think we will do a few more tourist type things. We even plan on taking a trip to Tokyo Disney.

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