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Sleepover with Alfred ^.^ (First Post of the Day)

(for some reason this one is ontop now…it’s amazing…so…I wrote this one first but the most recent one is the one below…good job…)

Hey guys! It’s Alfred and Sa here. Alfred is the teddy I made for Daurd for Christmas this year. He’s gorgeous! We came home and watched Tv for a little while, and then we ate a yummy dinner of apricot chicken and rice, and brownie and icecream for dessert (which was yummy, daurd and I made the brownie today). After dinner we talked to the fishes who were very nice and came to talk to us. And now we’re jsut chillin’, listening to Cat Empire, you know, that sorta thing!

I think I’ll try and add a YouTube video to my blog…how about Weird Al, “White and Nerdy” funny song!

Lets see if that worked..
Love always,
Sa and Alfred

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