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Long Time No See

Hey guys,
I KNOW! I’m particularly lazy and everything…but it’s all been a bit cRazay, so I’ll just write somethign random today. Since my last post I’ve had a jap oral, music seminar, maths test, two english in-class essays, been on two music tours and broken my bass clarinet (yep, it literally fell apart in my hands, it was pretty exciting!) But yeah, that wasn’t that interesting. Cept the music tours, which were MAX FUN!

Ooh and I got my “CAPTAIN BANDS” badge, which is pretty cool, and we made Snoopy a badge too, cause being a boy he doesn’t get one. It’s purple and has a loveheart on it…awww ^.^ I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and thinking “I should really do mine” but in my laziness I haven’t. So i bet this is boring, but you’ll all live.

Ooh, i know! My parents went fish cRazay! We have like, two huge aquariums that are heated and we have lots of fish and plants and everything in there, it’s pretty cool, cause fish are pretty cute. Not as cute as my dogs, of course.

(yeah I don’t really know what’s going on with that so I can’t explain)

So this is a really haphazard update, but I don’t have much else to say….I’ll tell you about Sunday on the long weekend.

Shru and I were really bored, so we rang Rob and asked him if he was doing anything, and he wasn’t…well he baked a banana cake, which was yummy, but nothign important anyway, so we went to his house and Uru-chan came too, and we played 500 (btw, Darsh and I are pretty obsessed with 500 after the summer hols). We then migrated to Shru’s house to play monopoly (i won!) and a game called “Risk” which is like a conquering countries game, which I am terrible at by the way. We finished up with some quick games of Twister and then it was time to go home. Of course this was all accompanied with pizza, lasagna, bread, cheese and apple pie and icecream for dessert! As well as my awesome CD which I made for Yuka, but then didn’t give to her cause I liked it too much (:$) which is made up of Aerosmith, Coldplay, The Police, Harii Bandhu and U2…all great music.

Ooh and to finish it off, Jenny called me obnoxious the other day…hehe she was only joking, but i thought it was a pretty accurate description of me. (Jenny is a year 11 in my jap class btw…and I think last years year 12 could agree with me being obnoxious in jap class… ^.~)

Well, there you go! Try and make sense of that!
Love Always
Sa ^.^

2 Responses to “Long Time No See”

  1. Uru-Chan Says:

    hihi…well done for updating….finally

    ooh i missed apple pie, ice cream AND lasagne as well as the pizza *feels extra cut* sooo… have to do that again on a day when i can actually stay for the whole thing ^.^!!!

    hm…..see you tomorrow!!

  2. Bonbon-chan Says:

    How can you say that?! You’re definitely not obnoxious! That’s horrible!

    Seeing ‘Snoopy’ is weeeeeird — they call James ‘Snoopy’ sometimes. Lulu would agree that he looks like Snoopy… sometimes. :P

    Hope you’re having fuuuun! More updates from now on! I want to know everything! Say hiiiii to everyone for me and tell them I’m missing them! Loves!

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