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1 week survived…

Actually it wasn’t that difficult! My first early morning was a bit of a struggle, but eating breakfast every day and going to bed before midnight is helpful…as is the warm-ish yet slightly cold shower that wakes you up…
I have the GREATEST timetable on the planet. English, Major minor english, maths aps (blearg), Japanese and Music. Soooo good. My best day is like, english, jap, double english, music free. How good is that!!! I suck at maths, btw, so it’s my least favourite subject.

My teachers are all good and it’s going to be a fun year I think. Tomorrow we get our Year 12 badges. BONBON! Can you believe I am a year 12? Isn’t it amazing and unbelievable and slightly silly? ^^ Hehe, welcome to my blog. I have two readers now….well 3 but the third one doesn’t read it anymore…unless I tell him to…which I don’t… ^.^

What do you think of my idea for a seminar topic? “Political Conflict in the 20th Century and its effect on Art Music of the time.”…I think it’s going to be hard actually…for once I’m not going to do a mucking around seminar ^.^

Well, that’s all! Happy Valentines day for Wednesday, and Happy Birthday to Daurd on the 26th. I have no idea what to get him, but apparently that doesn’t matter anymore, so i guess it’s all good!

Have another great week!
Love Me

7 Responses to “1 week survived…”

  1. Uru-Chan Says:


    Second week of school >.

  2. Uru-Chan Says:

    omg…it cut the rest off!…

    well….I can’t wait till holidays, and life is too much effort atm.


    nah, i’m not that sad =P HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

  3. Bonbon-chan Says:

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Hope yours was lovely.

    I can’t believe you guys are year 12s, but that’s because I don’t believe I’m going into uni! I have GREAT FAITH that you guys are gonna be GREAT! Have fun with it, seriously the best year!

    Year 12 badges still dodgy yeari2 ones? *shakes head sadly*

  4. Uru-Chan Says:

    badges exactly the same as last year….stupid stingy school =P.

    aaanyway…have fun at Uni Vonny!!

  5. clairesie Says:


    omg! you’re a yr 12! that’s insane!

    i hear you’re in sydney this weekend… me too! how special. but that’s cos i’m in college here :S weirdtimes.

    lots of luck for your seminar and the rest of your horrifically busy next couple of weeks! what i’ve heard from Lulu is crazycrazycrazy so good luck, and anything i can help with just let me know! no, seriously. just cos i never DID my work doesn’t mean i couldn’t. trust me.

    anyway byeeee Tessaaaaa! much love from clairesie :)

  6. Bonbon-chan Says:

    blegh… not really. i want year 12 back! it’s so much easier! :’( :P having fun, you two?

  7. Uru-Chan Says:

    baha! yeah…well…meh! i’m sick atm ^.^ and therefore less articulate than usual (which Tessa would say isn’t very much).

    anyway, i came here to poke Tessa to update…

    consider yourself poked =P.

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