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☆!Welcome to my Blog!☆

Without giving out any vital information, since my father has brought me up to be extremely wary… I’m a girl who likes to have fun with my friends and stuff like that. Currently I’m very into Hello Kitty, cause she’s really cute, and she’s recently started to be imported into our country ^^ But I love Japan, and I can’t wait to go back there! Only a year to go!!

My favourite….
Colour: Blue!
Food: Chocolate probably, Nashi are nice too!
Music: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Motown.
Movie: At the moment, “Happy Feet” and “The Lakehouse”
Word: I’ve always thought “fork” was a weird word. In Japanese i like おせわになります.

As a side, I won’t use any real names on this site, mostly for privacy issues, sorry if that annoys anyone, but I think anyone who knows me will be able to work out the “codenames” pretty easily.

Well, that’ll do for the moment, I’ll make this more interesting later ^w^

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Love Sa ♡