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One Saturday morning, I was about to go home and was reading my husband’s text. He was with the boys.
They were inviting me to join them and de-stress.
I initially thought “Nah, I’d rather go home and rest”
But then it striked me that that would be no fun at all. Sure, I’ll be all rested when I wake up, but would I be happy?

So I decided to join them for some drinks, stories, thoughts, and celebration of life and friendship.
Then the usual session ender: breakfast

We went to a bar for breakfast, had some more drinks and stuff to eat.
It was a blast!
It was short, just a few hours (around 4-6) but it was great!
Our talks were engaging and enjoyable.
I just could not imagine doing something else when I am tired from work but spend it with my husband and amazing friends!

I love this life!

So– I’ve recently been battling my wits out about what to do with my career.
I know I have tons of things in mind that I want to do this year.
I could start listing it but I might forget what I initially wanted this blog to be about.

Well, here it is.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

I got the idea from my little sister (not so little anymore since she’s already 22–but yes, still a little sister to me).
She told me that she’s been quite happy lately even through the heartbreak.
She’s been getting and experiencing better things in life nowadays and it surprises her to realize that these blessings are real.

For one, she got a promotion after only being a staff for less than 3 months.
She’s also been having new friends (I hope they’d be real ones) and she’s picking up on lost time for socializing.

Then she told me that maybe, the trick is to simply not to strive and wait on it too much.

I tried to debate that one should strive for things that they want. But I had to concede because it was an AND clause to start with.

Being too eager to wait on something that you’re working for too hard on, makes you too impatient. You’re focused but you’re easily disappointed.
Whereas, if you work on things that you want to happen-slowly but surely style, you’d be glad to know that it’s already there.

This made me assess myself a little.
I know what I want for my career. - I want to be a financial advisor– It is doing what I love and loving what I do. I am sure that I wont get tired of telling people how great it is to secure their family’s future and maybe if they live long, they can enjoy their youth’s fruits.
Teaching and sharing to people what I know is really my passion. I was born in an all-teacher grandmas cast, so it runs in the family.

The assessment boiled down to- I have to achieve my short term goals and work on my long term goals on the side one day at a time until I get to where I want to be.

It’s funny how my sister imparted me this idea. It’s so enlightening.
I’m feeling like I can do anything! :)

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