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Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Can the Soul Swords be a match for the Light Saber? It seems that Star Wars characters will be appearing in Soul Calibur 4. The Xbox version will have Yoda, while Darth vader for the PS3 version.

Here’s a short video


Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Skating fans will have another option aside from the Tony Hawk series. Skate is focused on the player gaining sponsors and notability through photography and video of their skating skills.

Skate also offers over 45 songs that you’ll definitely want to listen to.

Street Fighter IV Gameplay

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

I got a short gameplay video from 1UP and it show Ryu and Ken again. It seems that they can now cancel their moves with a dash.

Shinkuu…… Hadouken!!!