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Baby for Sale

Here’s my baby for sale….. just joking. Here’s a picture that my friend gave me saying that she saw my baby, and it’s for sale. When I saw the picture, it was exactly my name, 2 letter j’s. But not really my baby, it’s a bread that is shaped like a baby (I guess).


 Now that Easter Sunday is approaching, I had the idea of instead  using an egg, I’ll use my baby haha. Just for a change.

4 Responses to “Baby for Sale”

  1. superbong Says:

    wow! thats soooo cool! :) i’ll try to pass by bread talk. :D

  2. superbong Says:

    is this bread talk, btw? haha

  3. Says:

    yup bread talk haha

  4. Twinkle_Toes Says:

    Cute baby. The baby looks delicious to eat hahahaha! Kidding :o)

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