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All About Me- Jemimah :)

Alright, my posts last night were totally retarded lol. So today I’ll try and let you guys know more about me. :) So, my name’s Jemimah but you guys can call me Jemi or Jem for short… some of my friends call me PJ, because I have some usernames that are “PrincessJemi” haha. I love, love, love pink but I’m not a girly-girl who gets what she wants and whines over dumb things lol. I’m athletic, I tried out for basketball this year and they made cuts soooo… I didn’t make it, but the coach says I’ll probably make it next year so no worries ^_^ I was in the track team this year, my main events were 800m, 400m,and 4×4. I did the 200m in one of our track meets… it was too competitive for me lol. I take Tae Kwon Do, I’m a blue belt right now. I also take piano hehe. I’m full Filipino so that means I’m full asian :P I’m 13 years old and of course a girl (duh!). My favorite artists (singers/bands) are: Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Jason Deruo, Iyaz, Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, Owl City, One Republic, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus… there’s probably more but I can’t remember right now. I’m in NJHS (National Junior Honor Society), I’m in the 7th grade right now. I’m a good student, teachers think I’m an angel, but when I’m with friends I’m fun and crazy haha. I love to txt, shop, and use the computer too. And no, I don’t have a bf… so sad, right? :( hehe nah, jk it’s not so bad not having a bf. I do have a crush on like 1 guy at school and the rest are celebrities ha. Okie dokie guys, I g2g… Goin to shcool in 35 mins ^_^ Leave a comment plz :) ALSO—I’ll post up pics nxt time, just don’t have time right now.—

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