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Hello Kitty

February 6th, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

I love Hello Kitty! Here are some cool kitty photos

Hello Kitty’s house!summer_20051116911880img_0883-1.jpg
Inside the housesummer_20051116911880img_0892-1.jpg
Kitty rides!summer_20051116911880img_0907.jpg
Kitty credit cards!=0summer_20051116911880img_0913.jpg
Kitty treatssummer_20051116911880img_0908.jpg
Hello Kitty & Dear Danielsummer_20051116911880img_1073.jpg

Dream Studio

February 3rd, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Hearts & StarsHappy February! If any of you have watched my Disney Channel series of videos than you probably noticed that there hasn’t been a new one for a long time. I have a lot of video ideas that I’m just itching to make, but sadly every time i click on create video at the dream studio, and it starts loading, it freezes. I tried lots and lots of times, but it just doesn’t work! I sent an email to the sanrio community for help but they never replied. I was tying to make the video on a mac, so maybe that has something to do with it. I you can help me please do!!!

Fairy Drawing

February 3rd, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

This is a fairy I drew. Thanks to lizzylocket I can now post images!Fairy Drawing

Ice skating and girl scouts

January 31st, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Today I went ice skating at Dix Hills Park with a Catholic hs group and a few other kids from LIGHT. I just learned how to skate, but I can already skate back words and jump. At 6 we had a girl scout meeting, I’m a junior girl scout in troop 954 of the Sollfuk County girl scouts, and my mom is the leader of our troop. At that meeting,we worked on our Art In 3D badge. We drew 3D shelves, then cut stuff out of old magazines to glue onto our shelf. I’m still working on the art of uploading photos, and I hope to have some pics to share soon.

Laser Tag

January 30th, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Today my brothers and I went to Laser Kingdom to play laser tag. It was a hs (whenever I say that it means homeschool) event, but with Sollfuk County hs instead of LIGHT. I was on the Green Team. I can’t remember my scores, and cant find my score cards, but I do remember that my score for the second game was much more than the first. Tomorrow I am doing ice-skating with yet ANOTHER hs group, a group of Catholic h-schoolers, even though my family isn’t Catholic. Check back soon!

Home School Update!

January 11th, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Sorry I haven’t written in so long, there’s been a lot going on, last friday LIGHT had a drama class at Speno Park. The class was a two-part, so the first part was in the morning and the second part was in the afternoon. Drama class is a series of classes, there is one class every month. Me and my older brother Nathan Participate in both of the parts so weir there all day! In both parts we play games like ‘Honey If You Love Me’, were whoever is It has to say the name to any player, but in a funny way to make them laugh, and the person has to try not to laugh, because you can’t when acting, and also we do short skits. There will be another update on the latest class, so check back often!

Happy 2009

January 1st, 2009 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Hooray, this is the first post of the year! Last night my family woke up at 11:50 to set of fireworks and watch the ball drop in new york city on TV.


December 31st, 2008 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

I like making polls so here is one, to vote leave a reply with your vote.

Witch one is your favorite Sanoriotown character?

1. Hello Kitty
2. My Melody
3. Corocorokuririn
4. Kerokerokeroppi
5. Badtz-maru
6. Pochacco
7. Other,_________ (Type character name with ‘Other’)

Homeschooling (Have you noticed all the titles so far have started with ‘H’?

December 31st, 2008 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

I’m a homeschooler, which basically means I get to stay home all day every day.=-)
BUT… I do have to take the same classes at home that you would do at school, some homschooler’s parents hire a touter to come teach the kids for them, but my mom teaches me and my three brothers herself. School IS fun because you can see your friends every day, but you can in homeschooling also, because you can join a homeschooling group, which is a large group of all the homeschoolers in a certain area. You don’t take many classes in a homeschooling group, you’d do that at home, and the classes that you do take are things like drama class, sewing class, cooking class, and book club, things that would be after school activates for a schooler. One of the cool things about homeschooling groups is that the different aged kids don’t get separated in to different small groups like they do in school, all of the kids stay together in homeschool groups, so I have a lot of friends that are much older than me, and a lot that are much younger. Some of the homeschoolers in my homeschooling group have a scouting group like boy scouting and girl scouting, but it’s for both genders, for all ages, and only for homeschoolers, we call it the Spiral Scouts. And all of the homeschooler’s parents teach the homeschooling group together instead of teachers like in school, for example my mom teaches Spiral Scouts and cooking class, and my dad teaches camera class. Oh, and I almost forgot, homeschooling groups have names just like schools, my group’s name is a little random-LIGHT. Maybe theirs a reason someone named it that, what do I know? Well, one of the things I rely like about my group is that there’s a LIGHT kid’s e-mailing group, which is a e-mailing group on Yahoo, were all the kids in LIGHT can post their photos and virtually talk to each other.
Also, homeschooling groups go on field trips like schools do, just in h-schooling you go on field trips like 65% more of the the time than you take classes, and also my h-schooling group goes to some rely cool places, once we went to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn, we go ice skating and roller blading all the time, once we even got TO BE EXTAS IN A MOVIE!!!, and we’ve gone to many, many other places.
Another thing I like is that when we have h-schooling group classes we never have them all in the same place, the parents usually rent a room in a library, or a room at the park, and sometimes we have classes at one of the h-schooler’s house.
I think homeschooling is great because you can learn just as much as you do in school, but wile your learning in homeschooling, your also having lots of fun. Give h-schooling a try, ask your parents to look for a homeschooling group near you.

Happy Holidays!

December 31st, 2008 by jcdentry:hellokitty.com

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! My name is Eliza V., but call me ‘E’. Thanks!
I hope you find my blog interesting, from time to time I’ll post polls, and I would like to post photos but i don’t know how, so if you know please tell me.

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