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My day, What I bought & the GazettE on J-Melo.


So, today, I went to school… I mean, of course I went to school. But I decided to go only to my history class, and skip the other classes, so I would have a free morning and afternoon… I mean, I did have an hour in the morning…

After school, I came home and spoke with my lovely friend, Miyuki, for a bit. ^^ She’s one of my best friends~ I love her a lot. ^^’ Helping me to learn French now…

Then my other friend IM’d me and asked me to hang out with her.

Just before meeting her, I went to buy a prepaid cell phone card, and a prepaid credit card, which I will use to purchase CNBLUE’s In My Head single as well as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Moshi Moshi Harajuku mini-album. I’ll also pay off the Hot Springs Story ipod game that I got, and get some other songs from itunes.

So we went to drop off my friend’s resumé at a coffee shop, then we went to buy some yummy pastries… It’s a place that I always go to. I always get BBQ pork bun, but today I just got Japanese cheese bun and ham and cheese sandwich. Also I bought some milk chocolate Pocky for us. I’m pretty sure the reason why half of it was broken was because my friend shook it >_>

Then we went to the bookstore, and I picked up Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami. It’s a book of short stories. Honestly, I much prefer reading long novels, than reading short-stories. Fortunately there are still some of Murakami’s novels left for me to read. I’m not sure which has been my favourite so far…

Then we went into the food court in the mall and sat, eating and talking for a bit.

We went to the mall, and looked around… I was looking for some coloured stockings, as well as other accessories I could use for my Halloween costume, but it seems I might go with a less specific idea.

My friend had to go to class, so we agreed to meet later, and I continued shopping.

I went to the dollar store and looked around for something I could use… I ended up getting this studded bracelet type thing… Also bought a soda to drink. Yes, to drink, because there are so many others things you might do with a soda.

I also went to another dollar store… I bought this small cute garbage thing… Here’s a photo.


The quality is kind of bad because I saved in wrong format…

I also bought 120 page rainbow writing pad. The colours look nice, and I do need a writing pad… just in case.

I also looked at some costume stuff, and badminton… but no…

Of course, I went to my favourite cosmetics shop… even if I don’t use make up, because they have a lot of other, cool stuff.

I bought this nail polish remover which I’ve been wanting to try. It’s from The Face Shop. I like it so far… Here it is:

I bought two more Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack, C&F White Mask Sheet Pack

and this Nail Art Pen in white by Etude House which looks something like this:

Yeah, after that I met up with my friends… Actually, I had to go into their school to look for them, because it was almost time to go… I went to their lockers, didn’t see any sign of them, then started to leave when they just jumped me. -__- They said I was cute… Don’t follow me when I’m looking for you just to watch me be cute! (≧3≦)

Sunday night, I watched the GazettE on J-melo. It was really great. ^_^ Ah, I can hardly explain… But, ahh, I will blog about this another time.

It is getting late. And this turned out to be a long text about my shopping experience. -__- I think I’m also trying to make up for not blogging for so long. Ahh, hopefully I’ll get back on track soon… Of course I will!

Byebye for now. ( ≧ 3 ≦ )/

What I bought today.

renu contact solution

THEFACESHOP nail polish remover

C&F White Mask Sheet Pack

SkinFood Salmon Eye Patch

Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack

Etude House Nail Art Pen (white)

Hi. This is actually going to be my first review… I’ve though about vlogging, but it’s just not for me, at least not at this time.

I bought these two nose patches at this Korean Cosmetics shop. They were each less than $2.

First, I used Etude House’s Green Tea Nose Mask. It looks like this.


I used this a couple times before, but I didn’t exactly wait for the patch to harden, for whatever reason.

So I used it again almost a week ago, just after getting out of the shower. This patch gives good coverage, as I’ve got a bit of a big nose — a cute nose, no less.

This worked quite well, and I like how the skin on my nose felt just after removing the patch.

Now: Skin Food’s Chlorella Nose Clear Patch. It looks like this.


I used this for the first time today, also just after a shower.

The patch is a bit smaller than the previous one, so it covered a bit less of my nose area.

This works just as well. The skin on and around the nose area feels good.

I think overall, I have a preference for Etude House’s Green Tea Nose Mask, maybe because I really love the effects green tea has on my skin, and also because I have a bigger nose, it gives me more coverage of the nose area.

Also, neither of these irritated my skin. Before, I used Bioré nose strips, and they were a bit harsh for my skin. So, they are effective, but harsh on my skin. Also the price of these two nose patches is better for me, because I’d much rather just buy one patch when I need to, rather than spend much more for a box, which I tend to lose…

I recommend both of these to anyone. Of course, they’re supposed to be for blackheads, but I think whether it’s noticeable or not, you can still use this once in a while.

So, that was my first review… I never really planned on doing this, but watching some vlogs on YouTube, it kind of motivated me to do it, since I happened to have used these two products.

That’s all for now.

Bye-bye. (^ _ ^)/

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