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I’ve really been wanting to blog, though when it comes down to it, I always feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, hahaha. I think I’m starting to remember. So, this one will be a bit random. ^^’

I’m currently watching some nail art videos on youtube… During summer vacation, a friend of mine taught me how to paint my nails with a strawberry design. At the time, I really felt like painting my nails, and I love strawberries as well, so I thought I’d give it a try. It turned out well and it looked quite cute, even if my friend and all the photos and videos online have long nails, while I have short, (since I play guitar). And today, I thought maybe I can dress up as a strawberry, or simply strawberry theme for Halloween… We’ll see. ^_^


This is a small photo of what my nails looked like. I have chubby fingers…

I’m not sure exactly what started it… Just lately, I’ve become a fan of Kyary. Of course, I already have downloaded her song, PONPONPON, and I’ve already listened to it a few times today, hehe. I also searched for some videos of her on youtube, and I found this one: http://youtu.be/LIsdKk2loYQ
It’s of Kyary, when she was just sixteen. It’s inspiring to me… Even though I’m very into Visual Kei, and Gothic Lolita, sometimes I do like that kind of girly style… hee… If I could dress like that, it would be great… But I need to lose some weight… That rhymed, didn’t it? Haha. Firstly, I want to lose weight because I want to be healthy. Secondly, shopping is difficult for me. -_- Thirdly, I just want to dress up and have fun, hahaha.

School has been good. I’ve become a bit lazy, and I haven’t really studied at all, though I still get very good grades on my history quizzes. The other classes, not much work is required at all, though I am to write an essay for my health class. Our teacher assigned us to make a project, visual or otherwise, so I decided an essay would work best for me. I didn’t have to buy a lot of school supplies this year. Just a smaller binder than the ones I already have, and some new pocket dividers, which I bought just today. Just some little things as well, such as a mini-stapler, red pen, two highlighters…

Ahhh, I think lately… well, maybe not just lately, but whenever I watch videos such as dance covers, guitar covers… I think, ‘I can do better,’ and those kinds of thoughts… It motivates me. Especially the GazettE… They thought, ‘I can do better’ and they did it. Hee… ^^’

My Japanese is also improving… I still need to expand my vocabulary further, but I’m able to pick out words, words that I know… I think SHINee’s Replay - Kimi wa Boku no Everything helped, haha. Of course, I’m still in love with the GazettE, and I listen to them everyday, but listening to someone who has an accent sing Japanese… not necessarily an accent, but they’re not native speakers, so it’s different… Ahh, do I make sense?

I think I will buy a Japanese book soon. I still have my old one. I only went through a few chapters before getting bored. So, I am looking for something more difficult… If only I could get a textbook… I’m not sure exactly. If anyone has an suggestions, please let me know!

Ah! I must go now~ I have not even studied yet… I need to make some flash cards, and study them… Quiz in the morning. I hope I get to school on time this time… The buses have been real lousy.


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