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I’ve really been wanting to blog, though when it comes down to it, I always feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, hahaha. I think I’m starting to remember. So, this one will be a bit random. ^^’

I’m currently watching some nail art videos on youtube… During summer vacation, a friend of mine taught me how to paint my nails with a strawberry design. At the time, I really felt like painting my nails, and I love strawberries as well, so I thought I’d give it a try. It turned out well and it looked quite cute, even if my friend and all the photos and videos online have long nails, while I have short, (since I play guitar). And today, I thought maybe I can dress up as a strawberry, or simply strawberry theme for Halloween… We’ll see. ^_^


This is a small photo of what my nails looked like. I have chubby fingers…

I’m not sure exactly what started it… Just lately, I’ve become a fan of Kyary. Of course, I already have downloaded her song, PONPONPON, and I’ve already listened to it a few times today, hehe. I also searched for some videos of her on youtube, and I found this one: http://youtu.be/LIsdKk2loYQ
It’s of K