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My blog has moved!

I’ve moved my blog to Ameblo, which is part of Ameba, one of Japan’s most popular blogging and social networking sites.

I really like Ameblo for its features such as the cute themes and the great number of them, peta which allows you to let other bloggers know you’ve read their blog posts without commenting, the interface which is very easy to use as well as many other things.

Even though I can’t read a lot of kanji I can still get around just fine.

There’s also Pigg which is a part of Ameba. It’s a little virtual world with avatars and cool places. They even feature Japanese celebrities sometimes. I believe they have a room for Kyary PamyuPamyu right now, and they did have one for my favourite band the GazettE.

Please check out my new blog→ ameblo.jp/junko916


So it’s the third week of summer vacation, and yet I’m still waking up before 10am haha.

I should be nocturnal, it’s so hot during the day. -_-


I went skateboarding yesterday, just in our driveway and around our building. I’m definitely getting better at pushing, and now I can skate downhill. Right now I’m just having a little trouble with keeping my momentum, at least when I’m on the ground without a downward slope. I think I just have to kick more, before I push, and lean forward.

I’m pretty glad I can skate now. I’ll definitely have to show my friend when he gets back from camp.


the GazettE, my all-time favourite band, is releasing a single next month entitled FADELESS. I’m pretty excited. I’ll definitely preorder it online. I wonder if their new music video will be posted on their youtube channel as well?

And then their album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY is coming out in October and I’m SUPER excited. It’s gonna be so great.


I’ll be so glad once fall is here. I can wear all the layers I want. I need to go shopping for more clothes. I need more black… It’ll be easier if I wear more black, I won’t have to worry about colours clashing or anything.

I really should get a job. T_T I’m having some trouble finishing my résumé. *Sigh…*


Ah, I’ve also been playing the sims lately. I might post some shots from my game.


I think that’s all for now. I’m really looking forward to autumn, especially with the GazettE’s album coming out in October. Gonna be so awesome.

All for now~



Here are some photos I’ve taken recently!

I’ve been drinking more of these drinks. I definitely prefer them over soda.

 peach drink

This one is peach flavoured with little jellies inside. It tastes pretty good. ^^


 One evening my mom randomly called me and said we’d go to Chinatown and eat. I took a lot of photos outside.




I thought this lamp post was interesting lol. And I really like taking photos of the scenery. It reminds me of the backgrounds used in manga and anime, which play a very important part in the story, I think.


 Rather than putting adhesive rhinestones on my camera like before, I put stickers this time.

camera stickers

(Please excuse my hands looking weird lol)


I want to get more stickers! I still have a lot left over of kittens, flowers and butterflies. I want to get some Sanrio and San-X stickers!



This was the view outside of my window one evening. I noticed how one part of the sky was pink and the other was blue, so I had to take a photo. ^^


 Japanese book stickers

I also felt like putting stickers on my Japanese language book.


 shoyu ramen

Instant shoyu ramen which I also posted on my instagram. ^-^


 white moth

Little white moth I found on my window. ^^



I like taking photos of buildings too. I like seeing all the different lines and angles.



bubbletea building

My mom and I were downtown at this time. There are a lot of cool shops and restaurants around. I thought this bubble tea place looked really cool.


 My mom wanted to eat at this Chinese restaurant while I wanted to eat at the Japanese restaurant right next to it. I gave in and we went for Chinese. Next time. T_T


Wonton soup~



Seafood chow mein with fishcake. ^^



Squid! My one true love… It also came with a rice bowl.


Afterwards we passed by a few shops and I saw this cool dress.




 Look at all the pretty things I’ll never be able to wear. T_T





food display

Restaurant display!

These are always interesting to see. I think they’re made of wax, or something like that.


 After eating at the restaurant I bought this! It’s ice cream, with red bean.

It’s from Korea and it’s called bungeobbang.


(My hands look so weird. T_T)


It was pretty good. ^^


That’s all for now~



Mini Games: Little Twin Stars tetris

I was playing one of the mini games, I can’t remember which, and I scrolled down to look at the high scores and I saw this:




I was so excited but when I clicked it, I was brought to the homepage.


Little Twin Stars tetris was my favourite game here on SanrioTown. But one day it just disappeared. Is it really gone?


I’m so sad. ㅠㅠ

E-mails, skate shop, slushie & Sulley

This morning I woke up surprisingly early. I stayed up late and slept maybe five hours. I thought it was weird but as usual I checked my e-mail on my ipod and I saw a new e-mail from my best friend. ^^

It took me like an hour to reply. I just hope I said everything I needed to say. I’m really glad I get to keep in touch with my friend even if it’s with e-mail. ^^

Around noon I left with my neighbour/friend to go to a couple skate shops. I looked at some boards and other things with him. I also picked up a free poster on our way out of one of the shops. (I love things that are free. It’s free therefore I want it.) Then we went to get slushies though I didn’t get one but my friend’s was free and I had a few sips.

We went to get some snacks while I also picked up some cat food. I got pizza pringles and a kinder treat surprise egg. We were still drinking the slushie while we were getting snacks and we both started to get brain freeze, but instead of brain freeze, I felt it in my chest? It was kinda weird but it hurt so much haha. Oh yeah, and the slushie was lime and blue raspberry.

So we both headed home but he might cone over later to hang out. I opened the capsule inside the egg and inside was a little plastic keychain along with a Monsters University sticker and a sticker of Sulley. So I put those together and now I have a cute little keychain~

And that’s what I’ve been up to today. I’ve been listening to a lot of music since I got home, including songs by Avril Lavigne and P!nk, both of whom I haven’t listened to in a while, and now I’m listening to some Kpop.

I might head out later but I think I’d rather hang out at home.

That’s all for now~


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