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Good News and Bad News

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Cards have been banned from school — and seeing as Bridge was the Official Sport of UPCSA (my org)… people had to come up with coping mechanisms.

We’ve done everything. Pick-up-sticks, jack stones… carving dama/checkers/chess boards onto the wooden bench and using bottlecaps for the pieces… then later on the Rubik’s Cube, and now… Chinese Checkers.

At first, people attempted to play chinese checkers on the regular checkers board. Needless to say, it was very strange and confusing. However, after a day or two, Bong decided to take pity on the org (whose members were starting to look more and more retarded every bridge-less second) and brought an actual chinese checkers board.

And so, excitable little beings that we are - we decided to play. Who exactly played is unimportant - in the end, the game took so long that there had to be multiple player substitutions.

And here is the reason for the VERY long game –


He looks completely harmless, just sitting there staring at the game pieces — until you look at the board.

It’s hard to see ’cause I just used a camera phone, but Chris had one of his brown pieces on EVERY ONE of the six points… XD He decided that since he’s not winning, no one will. Lol

In the end, everyone got blackmailed into building him a path straight to his area. XD A Very Direct Path. Just so he’d move his pieces from the points. Smart way to win, eh? XD Try it next time.

…Chris still didn’t win, though. He came second. But still, that’s a long way to go from last (or second to the last, because my chinese-checkers-playing-skills are non-existent)

XD It was extremely amusing. Then again, anything with Chris thrown in is amusing. XD I <3 CSA. :P

-End Happy Thoughts -

WARNING: semi-rant ahead.

Okay. It’s a good thing I laughed so much earlier today, or I’d be in a Seriously Bad Mood right now.

So. There are three main reasons why I always look for people I can hitch rides with to go home.

1) Me = asthma

Jeep = smoke

Me + Jeep = Asthma + Smoke = DEATH (that or The Nebulizer of Doom - and believe me, they don’t rate very far from each other in my mind’s eye)

2) I get stranded. >.< Things come up and suddenly no one can pick me up… until… say… 10pm? Later?

3) The cars are ancient. And break down. A lot.

My dad on fixing cars:

Any-one-of-us: “Dad, I think the car needs a tune-up…”

Dad: “Bah humbug. A tune-up? It still works, doesn’t it?”

Any-one-of-us: “Dad, the car is hard-starting. And the clutch gets stuck.”

Dad: “Lieees! It doesn’t happen to me!”

Now, I shall give you a moment to remember the incident mentioned in “The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me”, where the car died along the expressway. I’d note all the times any of us experience car trouble, but then my fingers might fall off before I even come close to finishing this entry.

So, the point is - today, the car died. It wouldn’t start, and the clutch pedal got stuck. In the middle of Cubao, where the PUVs are abundant, the pollution suffocates, and where the roads are so narrow cars stay within an inch of each other. What’s worse is that it was raining VERY hard, and I was dead hungry. Now, don’t get me wrong - I LIKE the rain… at least when I’m not in the middle of a polluted street with jeepneys and tricycles spewing black smoke at my face.

We had to push. To the gas station. Where the mechanic refused to entertain us because it was 1650H and the service station closed at 1700H.

So, we had to call my sister to pseudo-tow us. With a rope. But the car that broke down was a fair bit heavier than the one that was doing the pulling. It was very hard. The speed gauge barely rose above 0. My father was yelling over my mom’s mobile phone the entire time. Sure, the phone wasn’t on speaker. But his voice was Loud and Clear. Curse sun and their unlimited sun-to-sun calls. In other words, if I had walked, I would’ve probably gotten home faster AND saner. >.< Roar.

I really, really need to compile a carpool list. Or start moving into my grandma/uncle’s house which I won’t be allowed to do so carpool it is. Seriously.