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Blog Train Project

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007


(taken from Bong’s blog)

The Blog Train Project (a project of Pinoy Ambisyoso) is nothing too serious. It aims aims to promote your blog, increase your traffic, and be seen everywhere! :)

{HOW?} Answer all the questions below, submit and copy. That’s it!

Your blog’s address.
Your blog’s title.
Describe your blog.

Give at least the site address (http://www.____)

Blog you often visit.
Blog you admire the most.
Blog you think is worth reading.


Blog Address: http://blog.sanriotown.com/javajive:hellokitty.com/
Blog Title: I Love Coffee, I Love Tea…
Blog Description: I blog about everything and anything, as long as I find it fun/interesting! XD In other words, prepare for insanity. :P

Blog I visit often: http://mistful.livejournal.com/ (for the interesting opinions)
Blog I admire the most: http://verstehen.livejournal.com/ (for the interesting and coherent opinions)
Blog I think is worth reading: http://otherjoseph.livejournal.com (for the beautiful pictures and interesting commentary)

(1) Copy this topic and rewrite post to your blog;
(2) Include the origin (blog) of this topic;
(3) Place it above before this topic and post.


Friday, July 27th, 2007

Oh no. My little brother accidentally deleted my Doughnut post. O_O

Excuse me while I attempt to retrieve it. @_@