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Lions for Lambs

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


Okay. I knew that this movie was going to have political themes. So even if I’ve always sort of wanted to watch it, I also always had low expectations. After all, it’s politics… what’re the odds of it not being a festival of selfishness and self-justification? But!!! I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty good! O_o And I’m only writing this short thing because I am Truly Gobsmacked that I ended up enjoying a politics-themed movie. It was still very utterly truly irrevocably omg mind numbingly American though. So I suppose some people might get turned off by all the American patriotism going around.

Hm. If only some Filipino manages to make a political film that cohesive and surprisingly open-ended (and miraculously not leaning too much in one direction). And if only Filipinos were even HALF as proud of their country as the Amercans in the film… *sigh*


Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

This is a Very Late post. You see, it happened last Saturday, but I didn’t have a camera with me so I had to wait for Gin to send me the pictures we took with her cam. Well, better late than never, I say.

A friend, Marie, came home from Canada this month; so we all decided to go out with her on Saturday. Out of fourteen, there are only eight of us left in the country. Four sane ones and four Psychos. Sadly, three of the sane ones couldn’t make it.

So in the end, that left all the psychos plus ONE sane person and Marie. Poor them, huh? Totally outnumbered. Do you see their inner suffering?

‘Twas a very amusing night. I never realised how much I’ve missed Georgia until that Saturday. The first sentence I heard upon arriving at the meeting place was “People call me God-dess, now!” in Georgia’s loud, unabashed voice.

Yes, people stared. A lot. By the way, this is a stolen shot. Because Georgia thinks that cameras suck out her soul bit by little bit.

Videos by java0 | More VMIX videos | Embed this video

And no, she didn’t realise we were taking a video.

So! After speed-eating at T-boy, it was time to go to the cinemas for the movie — and even that short trek was way-laid by a lot of randomness and insanity.

Georgia: OOH! Simpsons! I wanna pose!

Me: You’re only allowed to pose if you let us take a picture!

Georgia: *is torn*

In the end, she chose The Simpsons over a tiny fragment of her soul. She chose Surf’s up over it too.

And bribing me with food always works. I actually posed with the penguins just to get a fry. Take note: A fry.

Me: Pose? Huh? Why?

Meg: Lookie the fry, pao…

Me: FOOD! Gimme!

And after the pictorial, the movie posters sidetracked us.

Meg: “Look it’s Batman!”

Rest of us: -_- Corny!

Afterwhich everyone noticed the Very Fake Blood and were suddenly engaged in a conversation on how the ad-maker could’ve had the decency to make it look just a teeny bit more believable. (ooh, now that is what I call a run-on sentence)

And then Georgia got hungry. XD So that’s another shot for me~. XD

!!! WARNING: If you see us (together) buying movie tickets somewhere, take note of where and when exactly we’re going to watch. And then make SURE to NOT buy the same. Why? Because we are the WORST movie goers ever. Predominantly because we’re mostly insane.

Breakdown of Sanity:

Ysab: Sanity worth 8

Marie: Sanity worth 7

Me: INsanity worth 10

Gin: INsanity worth 10

Meg: INsanity worth 10

Georgia: INsanity worth 100^48

That puts total sanity at .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% not a very happy statistic, is it? XD

But hey, if you think you’d enjoy our commentary; feel free to choose the same showing regardless of what I say. But just to make sure you know what you’re getting into, here are a few examples on how annoying we are:

(Please note that everything said and sung is Very Loudly done)



Us: Look! Lemurs! Let us sing along! “I like to move it move it. I like to…move it!”


The Omen

*Damien-the-antichrist stares creepily at audience*

Person behind us: *screams in fear*

Us: Awww! How cute! I just want to pinch his cute widdle cheeks~! <3


Nanny: *as she’s about to jump off the balcony with a noose around her neck* It’s all for you, Damien! It’s all for you!

Random person: S@#&! C#&*! F$%&!


Big Black Dog: *snarls and bites humans*

Girl in front of us: *latches onto her seatmate*

Us: So cute and obedient, that dog… I WANT ONE TOO! Of course, I mean in the eat-people-I-don’t-like way. Not the eat-me or eat-people-I-like way.

Robert Thorn: *prepares to kill Damien for the betterment of the world, even if he still loves and considers Damien his son*

Damien: *please-don’t-kill-me-daddy puppy-eyed look*


-Last Scene-

*Damien, holding his new guardian’s hand, turns to face the audience and smiles creepliy.*

People: *whimper*



Err… yeah. And we laugh Very Loudly. Oftentimes during inopportune moments like when people scream in fright.

Yeah. Err. So. We watched the movie. And we were loud. As always.

“No Reservations” trailer

*Scenes of the kill-joy female chef and fun-loving male chef*

Audience: Awwww….

Georgia: Oh, they are SO falling in love. Like ALWAYS.

“Seek the Signs” trailer

*Trailer blathers on about the darkness and the last of the light*

Meg: It’ll be like Kingdom Hearts. Where every other line will have “dark”, “light”, and/or “door” in it…

Rest-of-us: And cute little boys!

People behind us: O_o wtf?

“December Boys” trailer

*Nun appears in first scene*

Georgia: *latches onto my arm* Ooh! Scary!

Me: -_- (so she finds the antichrist cute but is afraid of nuns… were the nuns that ran our high school that bad?)

*Daniel Radcliffe shows up in trailer*


Meg: Waist down, I tell you. Waist down only.

Me: Chop off his head?

The-other-five: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Then the Disney-Pixar trailers and shorts started showing… and much random squeeing and bouncing occurred. Like the little kids that we are.

Ratatouille proper (contains very minor spoilers - highlight to view just to be safe)

*Rats evacuate very orderly from house. Think fire drill*

Georgia: OMG, they have SAFETY MEASURES? O_O No wonder there are so many of them in the world!

Rest-of-us: -_- Movie, Georgia, movie…

Georgia: Hahah. Got caught up in the moment. *pause* But you never knoooow!

*The lead guy’s name is revealed to be Alfredo Linguini.*

Me: What a cruel mom. If I had his name, I’d be hungry foreeeeeeveeeer.

Gin: Pao, you are hungry forever.

Me: Quiet, you! That’s completely beside the point.

*Colette stabs (not pins) Linguini’s sleeve to counter with big knife*

People: O_o

Us: Omg, she is SO COOL! I LOVE her! <3


*Remy pulls on Linguini’s hair to make him move*

Georgia: *pulls my hair* Move, darn it, MOOOVE!

And the entire time, Marie and Ysabel just laughed uncontrollably at us (take note: at us); and Georgia randomly grabbed and moved and pulled my arm (especially in all the “aww” moments… plus she panics a lot… and I mean A Lot). My arm muscles spasmed randomly ’til Sunday. XD But I <3 Georgia and her insanity, so it’s okay. Lol.

After the movie, we were all Very Hungry. So we went to Bizu to get cakes.

But then we realised we had no more money (at least money to be happy in Bizu). So we went to Tender Bob’s to get the giant ice cream serving (9 scoops!)…

…But then Georgia doesn’t eat chocolate (because she says it’s unhealthy! Georgia you weido) And I’m allergic to strawberries, so… it was a no go too. :( And then Ysab had to leave.

So we went to Timezone instead! Where Georgia almost killed the Dance Dance Revolution machine.

Can you hear her stomp??? O_o

… Eventually, everyone just started laughing whenever Georgia did anything more than breathe and walk. XD

>>> I’d embed a video of everyone laughing, but I was part of “everyone”, so I was too busy to take videos.

And then, we all got beaten by a random guy on the basketball game. :P

Ah, twas fun! XD I loved Saturday!

Random note 1: The line that got Georgia to pose for the group pictures - “It’s okay Georgia! Even if our souls get sucked out, the bits of our souls the camera’ll take away will be together foreeever!”

Random note 2: My phone lives again~! XD (its continued health, however, is questionable - in fact, it doesn’t ring anymore… just kinda lights up when someone calls)

Random note 3: Hmm. Perhaps I should re-name this post “An Introduction to the Endangered Species Insanium Georgium” instead… XD

The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me… (Take Two!)

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Alright. My little brother, bless his little soul, accidentally deleted the original post via Live Writer. TT__TT So… here it is (again) as best as I can remember…


Today (or rather yesterday - 26Jul07) my eldest sister (hereby labelled Achi or “A” for convenience) brought me to school… and here is what happened:

A:  Here, dearest sister, you can have this.

Me: !!! Simpson Doughnut! <3 … Tickeeeet! <3

A: *evil smile*

Me: But… wait… wasn’t opening yesterday? O_o *flips ticket and stares*

              *gasp* You watched without me!!!

A: *blinks innocently* Why yes, I did. And I want you to have that to remember your Simpsons-less Wedenesday by. Forever! Muahahahahah.

Me: *choked sob*


Well, fine… it didn’t go exactly like that, but… close enough.


And so, later on, I decided to question my second sister (hereby Dichi or “D”) regarding the unfairness-ness of my Simpsons-less state…


D: It was her consolation for her Misfortune Last Monday. Would you rather have had It happen to you just so you can get a ticket???

Me: …Well…

D: -_- …Don’t answer that. I forget that you’re not right in the head. Have I professed my unrelation to you recently?

Me: *feigns hurt* Your words wound me, I tell you.


The Pertinent Moments of the Misfortune of Last Monday as Experienced by Me


Bro: So… Achi brought the green car?

Me: Yes?

Bro: But… didn’t she switch cars with mom because the white one was going psycho?

Me: …Yeah?

Bro: …So she traded a problematic car for an even more problematic one…

Me: …Pretty much…

Bro: I bet the car’ll break down on her.

Me: I hope not. She’s going to Laguna^

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

Mom: The car broke down on your Achi.

Me: Ahia^ jinxed her!

Ten to Eleven PM

Mom: Why isn’t your sister home yet?

Me: No idea.

- Mom’s phone rings. Mom makes the regular grunts and yeah’s characteristic of most parent-child phone conversations -

*long silence*

Mom: Car broke down on your sister. Again. Along the South Luzon Expressway. In the middle of the road.

Me: Is anyone with her?

Mom: Nope. She’s alone.

Me: … How very Unlucky.

Mom: …Oh well. better her than us.

Me: O_o Mom! You’re a mom!

Mom: Yes, while I am indeed undisputably a mom, I have not yet lost my common sense and practicality. Muahahahah.

Me: O_O!


^Laguna = Very Far. And somewhere along the South Luzon Expressway, there are no gasoline stations or such for a mile or so plus you’re all alone (with the exception of cars speeding by every once in a while). O_o Also, the reception of my eldest sister’s mobile network provider isn’t very good.

^Ahia: eldest brother


As you can see, the insanity runs in the family. So does the sadism. And a lot of other not-quite-good things.


For the curious, this is what the Simpsons Ticket looks like inside:


First, D watches the Ratatouille premiere. And then A watches the closed screening of The Simpsons Movie. Both occur without me. Whatever happened to the whole “cartoons are for the younger ones” thing my dad keeps going on about? TT__TT


….. If anyone manages to retrieve the original, I shall be eternally grateful.