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Cloud Vol. 1!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Random post of joy!

So… Final Fantasy 7 was one of the first two RPG’s I’ve ever played. The other one would be Genso Suikoden 2. (Okay, so there was Pokemon and such before that, but… that’s Pokemon and these are RPG’s… Gah, it’s hard to explain) Probably because of this, these two games are part of my list all-time favourites (the list includes a LOT of squaresoft-turned-squareenix games). I was very, very sad that GS2 never really achieved enough fame to start its own franchise (indeed, it has been forgotten even by supposed GS-series fanatics)… and very, very glad FF7 managed to live on a decade later.

Of course, I couldn’t exactly spend on this love the way I wanted to (*cough*adventpieces+ccspecialeditonpsp+10thannivpotion+etc*cough*), so I usually contented myself with online previews rips/scans/detailedpics and such.

But.. but…. my friend took a short vacation in Xiamen, China, and got me Cloud Vol. 1!!! An actual one! Not virtual! *is hyper* Well, seeing as it came from China, it’s completely in Chinese… but STILL! Cloud Vol. 1! :DDDDDD

… aaand… that’s all. <3 *can’t think beyond the joy of Cloud Vol. 1*



Everyone, meet my Cloud Vol. 1! Say hi! Now! XD

*skips away happily*