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Impromptu Outing

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I’m sure a number of us have friends we don’t see often and yet remain close to, right? Wherein every person in their household seems to know you and vice versa (even if they’ve practically never set foot in your house)… Oh, and even if you call like… once every three years, the person who answers the phone over yonder can tell who you are. Well, when these friends invite you for a night out, it’s almost impossible to say no. And you never regret that little decision, no matter how much work you’ve piled up and how stressed you may be.

Warm fluffy feelings last until the next morning, usually. Lol. But enough of this cheesy stuff. Let me tell you something that’ll have you smiling with laughter instead of gagging with sugar. XD


1) We eat. A lot. We went to a Japanese restaurant (teriyaki boy) and ordered more than the group of four a few seats away. The dishes wouldn’t fit on the table for two.

Reg: *orders*

Waiter: Okay, how about you?

Me: *orders*

Waiter: Alright, what would you like to drink?


Waiter: …

Us: *orderorderorder*

Waiter: O_O Err… drinks?

Halfway through the meal, we had to order extra rice on top of the one bowl each we already had. The waiter’s smile looked like it’d split his face in half. I was tempted to tell him to just laugh, we wouldn’t mind.

Oh. And right after we left the restaurant, we started debating whether to have dessert or go to the arcade first. Because, you know, the dessert isn’t optional. At all.


2) The arcade was nearer. So we found ourselves gravitating towards there.

Reg is addicted to UFO catchers. That’s practically the only thing she plays. It’s fun watching her, though. Lol. It also helps that she almost always gets something.

Cute aint it? So what if I’m allergic to strawberries and incur a weird psycho-somatic reaction at the mere sight of it??? It’s FREAKISHLY CUTE, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not COMPLETELY un-girly and un-reacting. I think.

There was a watermelon pig too. But, unlike my friend, I am grouped in with the rest of humanity in that the art of UFO catching completely escapes me. So I had to earn one through tickets. And no, she didn’t end up earning a fourth of ‘em for me. Really.

Meet Melly the Watermelon. Please excuse the psychotic name. I blame it on Krispy Kreme (which will be tackled in a few moments).


3) Just driving #1 home. We eat. A lot. If we weren’t a bit short on funds we would’ve gotten a hell lot more than doughnuts, belive you me.

Anyway, Krispy Kreme drives me whacky. Even just the smell of it. It’s all the sugar, I tell you!

Flashback to last semestre, one morning class after having a cup of Kreme Coffee:

Me: *skips into room* Whee~! <3 Lovely day, isn’t it?

*thunder roars ominously*

NormalClassmates: O_O

EternallyChipperHyperClassmate: YES! Lovely day~! <3 <3 <3 Let us go skip and frolick in the lovely weather after class.

Me: Yes, lets!

*rain suddenly pours*

NormalClassmates: omfgthey’reinsaneGETTHEMAWAYFROMUS!!! NOW. O_O

*cough* No, really. it’s the coffee. I’m not really naturally batty. Really. Really really.

We couldn’t help taking pictures of the adorable little bears loudly and ashamedly. Sugar makes us happy, and happy makes us cukoo. In general. Right? :P

Apart from the two pictures posted in #2, here are more photos of the pigs. And we didn’t agonise over how they should pose. Loudly and unabashedly. And insanely. Much. And really, we didn’t settle for the most normal idea in the end. Just to keep the people around us sane. I think.

Fun fact: I hate taking pictures of myself. I mean, I’m with me all the time, why do I need pictures of myself? And here is proof…


I am singularly incapable of squeezing myself in photos I take. (I think I’ve mentioned that off-handedly in one of the entries in this blog…) In the end, I had to take coaching from Reg just so I’d be in the picture. (Who is apparently an expert in taking self-photos. VAIN) Oh, and there are about ten more pictures of me-not-there that I had to delete due to the lack of phone memory. We were sitting in front of the glass behind which the KK people were producing doughnuts. They stared. We were too sugar-and-cute-high to care.

Later, a waitress went up to us and commented on the cuteness of the pigs.

Waitress: Aww, so cute! Where’d you get them?

Reg: Timezone! :D

Me: Because Reg is a WEIRDO, she got hers from the UFO catcher. While I had to get it the normal, ticket way.

Waitress: But still, at least you got one. *smiles at us fondly, walks away*


Me: OMG, too sweet. *drinks water*

Reg: *evil eye-glint* I think she thinks we’re lesbian lovers.

Me: *gags* *laughs* Hey! You did that on purpose!

Reg: ‘Course I did.

Me: *grumble* What if I sprayed it on you, huh???

Reg: You never do. I enjoy the funny face, though. And the challenge of actually making a comment that’d make you do that. Sheesh, you’re so picky at these things. NR!!!

Me: *grumble grumble*


Reg: Anyway. I really do think she does.

Me: Well, we are sorta going high-psycho. And we do have matching stuffed animals. And we were taking numerous photos together… sorta. I don’t think they knew I wasn’t in the pictures the first couple hundred times…

Us: *pause* *laugh boisterously*

Me: But don’t all girls do that though? The cute-thing and the noise-thing and the pictures-thing?

Reg: Yes. Stop talking like you aren’t one, or they really WILL think we are. Your lack of basic social understanding and normality can be misconstrued many, many ways. I mean I know you’re like that cause you’re plain psycho, they don’t. But that’d be really funny though, wouldn’t it?

Me: *shrug* Hmm. Maybe they’re looking at us weirdly just ’cause we’re psycho. And yes, it’d be really funny. Want to feed the flames of rumour a bit?

Reg: Too true. And why not?

Ah, twas fun. :P I think we have partly traumatised the KK personnel, though. ;P Well, if we did, it’s their fault for being gossipy and having gutter brains. Hahah. :D


Yes, we are evil psychos. But that’s why we’re fun.

Surprise Despedida

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Last (last)Saturday, Aug 4, we had a surprise despedida (going away party) for someone who was going to abandon us for the US of A. Problem: it was pot-luck, and no one confirmed what they’d bring. So, we panicked and went off that morning to buy groceries.

There were three of us. Gin, Meg, and I. We were supposed to cook the spaghetti ourselves, but Meg’s cook came along and saw Gin and I bumming on the couch, unable to get up… and Meg in one corner doing homework. Freakishly responsible as she is.

The couch when Gin I were through with it. It got worse after the second bum round.

Anywho, while waiting for six o’clock to come around, we decided to have apples. And the Camembert Cheese that we just had to buy that morning. And the chocolate pudding Gin brought.

In the picture, there’s only half of the C. Cheese… but that is a huuuge lie. We ended up eating the other half too. Not to mention started on the Blue Cheese. Those are four apples, by the way.

Okay. So, eventually we had to go to the party. The venue will remain undisclosed due to privacy reasons. Just look at the pretty pictures and wish the house were yours I know I do. Anyone who knows where it is, do not mention who owns it and where it is or I will set you on fire.

Such a nitpicky group of friends I have… we even had´┐Ża FA major arrange the colourful Puto (rice… cakes? rice bread?) on the plate…

Kons: No, don’t do it like that, it’s better if you move that to the middle.

KT: …

Gin: … I don’t care. It’s food. It’s destiny is to end up in our stomachs and melt in the acid, anyway. If we really had to, though, I trust KT more… she’s the FA major…

Kons: … you’re just mean to me because I’m the only guy… *fake sniff*

ICAns are very… vain. Case in point: the young ones discovered the gigantic mirror near the main door, and could barely be pulled away from it.

See? They’re just looking at themselves… O_o How… strange…

Eventually, we found out that our fear of no-one-bringing-food did not ring true. The problem is that everyone brought palabok. Imagine big buncha palaboks + pasta…

So… damage control… we ordered a bucket KFC. XD So we had some form of meat. Dessert = puto, chips, brownies, and leche flan. Not too bad, really.

AND~! what’s more… KT and Kons disappeared for a few moments to get cake! From Conti`s! <3

Huge cake = <3. Does the equally huge knife scare you? By the way… Bong, if you’re reading this, that’s the coke can you’re missing. Sadly, it’s been crushed and thrown into the trashbin. O_o

Lookie the cute cake cutters! That we gave up using in the end because the cake was too big for ‘em.

Before I forget… “Surprise Micca” master plan:

1. Cathy, who was with Micca, was supposed to get something from this house.

2. Cathy and Micca go upstairs to look for thing.

3. When Micca goes down, everyone’ll be in the living area, pretending to just be there, while someone pokes her and yells “Surprise!”, afterwhich everyone will yell it too.

…The thing is that we forgot that Micca’s denser than a rock…

Micca’s reaction upon seeing everyone: “Why are there so many people? OH WELL.” *heads for the door*

The rest of us: O_O WTF???

Me: *thwacks Micca* Oi! Don’t you realise that there are people here the owner doesn’t know??? And that you know everyone here? And that we don’t all know each other???

Micca: Oh, now that you mention it… *pause* So how’d they all end up here?

Everyone: TT__TT Micca, you slooow, sloooow person.

Someone (forgot who): *mortified voice* It’s supposed to be a surprise despedida!

Micca: Oh. *long pause* OH!

Everyone: Now you get it…

The saddest thing is that I’m not even exaggerating. O_o that really happened. Ah, Micca… I will miss your clueless-ness. Don’t leaaave uuus!

…After the not-so-brief moment wherein everyone shook their heads in exasperation, thwacked/poked Micca, and laughed at the weird-ness of the situation; we all settled down to eat.

We were supposed to stay in the garden, but the seeded rain put a great big hurdle to that plan. *sniff* But it’s so pretty…

Funny. Remember all those family reunions, and the entire “oldies table” and “kiddies table” thing?

The segragation was palpable. Notice the distance between the two tables. The problem is that we were all within half a decade of each other. Oh well. Micca pin-balled between the two tables.

Eventually, the kiddies left (all at the same time, actually), the oldies’ numbers dwindled, and it was time to retire to bed. Since Meg’s was closest to the venue, Gin and I slept over. Because Gin lives in Makati. And although I lived just (literally) down the hill from Meg’s… whenever I get home past a certain time, the household gets very reluctant to let me in. In other words, it takes around half an hour for them to open the gate to let me in.

We had to transfer Meg’s mattress to her brother’s room (brother = in Boston)… Gin and I saw the bed and decided to dump the mattress on top of it. High bed~! Yay!

Yes. We are overgrown children. XD We also have a shot where we’re touching Meg’s (very high) ceiling, but it’s in Gin’s camera and she’s been too lazy to send it/post it, so… yeah. I’m not tempting fate by waiting for Gin to send it. The computer might cease working by then.

Unfortunately, Meg gets quesy on extremely high beds, so Gin and I (very reluctantly!) had to put Meg’s mattress on the floor. Well. Not that all three of us fit very comfortably on the one mattress anyway. But… High bed! *sniff*

Late Post and the Reason Our Net Died.

Monday, August 13th, 2007

So happy! My net AND my comp are now working properly! I half-retract what I said about PLDT… apparently, our net-less-ness was not a fault of theirs. It was because a rodent chewed on the main phone line or something… X.x Stupid disease-carrying thing. Although… the customer service of PLDT still leaves much to be desired. They didn’t send a technician, didn’t follow up, didn’t… anything. Thank whatever higher power may be that someone found/noticed the mutilated wire. @_@


Unfortunately, the computer still dies like… every ten minutes? Roar. TT__TT I really, REALLY need to have this fixed. Or hope someone kindly donates a working computer or laptop to me… >.>


*prays that she’ll be able to post the two late posts before comp dies*



Last last friday (Aug 3 - O_o SO LONG AGO!), classes were suspended in UPD - all levels. Ateneo, sad sad place, only suspended for freshmen. So I couldn’t invite my sophomore friends out.

Thankfully, I was saved from a day of utter boredom by my pseudo-relatives, Danna and Mheryl. XD We went to Greenhills.

First order of business: Food. And since we had no money, we decided to go fastfood through and through. Breakfast was in Chowking.

The thing about Danna is that she’s got the worst luck. Ever. Case in point: she got a ligament tear once from walking down the stairs… and she was two steps away from the landing. Oh, and have I ever mentioned the time she got stampeded on? Yes, a great bunch of people stepped on her. *cough* Anyway, she was supposed to go to an interview in a building beside OB Montessori; so we walked to the gate nearest the building — only to find out it was locked.


______________closed exit________________________






                                                                              open exit

Random worker from greenhills: There’s a huge gap between the gate and the ground… so most people just… squeeze under.

Random person: *as if on cue, squeezes under gap*

Gap: (at least knee high)

Danna: *considers it*

Mheryl: Are you kidding me??? You’re wearing slacks and a white blouse! Knowing your luck, you’d tear or stain something! We share clothes so don’t ruin ‘em.

Me: *nods* … I wouldn’t be surprised if you tripped while going under it and ended up rolling onto the street or something… afterwhich you’d promptly get run over by a ten-wheeler. Even if ten-wheelers aren’t allowed in this area

So… for Danna’s safety and the safety of the clothes she shares with her sister, we went around to the open gate. And we walked her to the building. Just in case.

Danna: *takes step forward* *foot almost gets run over*

See? Worst luck.


While Danna was in the interview, Mheryl and I wandered around and got my eldest sister’s old phone unlocked. Yay! No more dead phone!

For your sanity’s sake, I’m not writing down the stuff that happened while the two of us were left to frolick. XD Believe me, your brain’ll melt.


Next order of business: Food. Again.  And since I had an interview myself in Ortigas later that day, we went to Megamall. And went to Sbarro. :)

Next to Danna or anyone, really, but I didn’t say that, did I?, Mheryl and I are absolute pigs.

Danna’s order: Half an order of Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Mheryl and I: Giant slice of White Cheese pizza, Giant slice of Mushroom pizza, and a whole order of Baked Zitti.

The clincher: Here’s what our plates looked like when we were through.

(Mheryl’s and mine)


And since we (M & I) were still hungry, we ate that too.



My wallet got sapped that day. All we did was eat. Breakfast was late - around 9am. Lunch was at noon. And then, barely half an hour after gulping down lunch…

We ate even more. Ice cream is wonderful. Of course, Danna got a medium while we got larges. And as usual, D couldn’t finish hers. -_-

*ahem* Now… boring stuff. We walked to the building where my interview was to be, D nearly gets mauled, and then we generally talked nonsense and then the two waited for me in the CR, I think while I was in the interview and all the jitterbugs that went with it. Once again, Boring Stuff. It’s the walking back that gets weird…


We got tired on the way back, so we stopped by Shangri-la Hotel and bummed around the lounge area. And bought cookies from the bakeshop.

Mheryl: *insane laugh* While we were waiting for you, I made up a song. It’s so cute~! <3 I should make an album!

Danna and I: … O_o

Me: Should I be afraid?

Danna: Very, very afraid.



Err. Yeah. I did mention that insanity runs in the very roots of the family, right? Not even they could escape it, it seems. And D and I are very sorry, World, that we actually helped her fine-tune her… err… mioink song…


Mheryl: Wheeee~! *laughs*

 Danna: I don’t know her. I swear. We just look alike and happen to be sharing a table.


After an hour or so of bumming, we decided that dinnertime was reasonably close. So we went to Shangri-la Mall. We walked around a bit, pretending we weren’t there just to eat… like how we pretended not going to Megamall and Greenhills just to eat… But it didn’t take too long for the call of Wendy’s to penetrate our very souls…

Ahh, yes. A wholly fastfood day. So fun and yet so very bad.


Have I mentioned that Mheryl’s afraid of ketchup? The saddest thing about that statement is that I’m serious. The funniest thing about it is that she’s not afraid of blood (most people who share the fear, after all, are afraid of it because it reminds them of blood…).


Mheryl: Stoop. I’m gonna fall… That’d be painful.

Danna: Actually, your burger is gonna fall.

Mheryl: Ah, that’d be even more painful.

Me: Ahh, yes. A girl after my own heart.


…she sounds drunk, doesn’t she? Must’ve been all the food. And the heat. On second thought, she always sounds happy-drunk. XD


And that was it. O_o Any day with those two is a strange day. XD Glad they came along. Otherwise, Id’ve rotted at home.


Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

This is a Very Late post. You see, it happened last Saturday, but I didn’t have a camera with me so I had to wait for Gin to send me the pictures we took with her cam. Well, better late than never, I say.

A friend, Marie, came home from Canada this month; so we all decided to go out with her on Saturday. Out of fourteen, there are only eight of us left in the country. Four sane ones and four Psychos. Sadly, three of the sane ones couldn’t make it.

So in the end, that left all the psychos plus ONE sane person and Marie. Poor them, huh? Totally outnumbered. Do you see their inner suffering?

‘Twas a very amusing night. I never realised how much I’ve missed Georgia until that Saturday. The first sentence I heard upon arriving at the meeting place was “People call me God-dess, now!” in Georgia’s loud, unabashed voice.

Yes, people stared. A lot. By the way, this is a stolen shot. Because Georgia thinks that cameras suck out her soul bit by little bit.

Videos by java0 | More VMIX videos | Embed this video

And no, she didn’t realise we were taking a video.

So! After speed-eating at T-boy, it was time to go to the cinemas for the movie — and even that short trek was way-laid by a lot of randomness and insanity.

Georgia: OOH! Simpsons! I wanna pose!

Me: You’re only allowed to pose if you let us take a picture!

Georgia: *is torn*

In the end, she chose The Simpsons over a tiny fragment of her soul. She chose Surf’s up over it too.

And bribing me with food always works. I actually posed with the penguins just to get a fry. Take note: A fry.

Me: Pose? Huh? Why?

Meg: Lookie the fry, pao…

Me: FOOD! Gimme!

And after the pictorial, the movie posters sidetracked us.

Meg: “Look it’s Batman!”

Rest of us: -_- Corny!

Afterwhich everyone noticed the Very Fake Blood and were suddenly engaged in a conversation on how the ad-maker could’ve had the decency to make it look just a teeny bit more believable. (ooh, now that is what I call a run-on sentence)

And then Georgia got hungry. XD So that’s another shot for me~. XD

!!! WARNING: If you see us (together) buying movie tickets somewhere, take note of where and when exactly we’re going to watch. And then make SURE to NOT buy the same. Why? Because we are the WORST movie goers ever. Predominantly because we’re mostly insane.

Breakdown of Sanity:

Ysab: Sanity worth 8

Marie: Sanity worth 7

Me: INsanity worth 10

Gin: INsanity worth 10

Meg: INsanity worth 10

Georgia: INsanity worth 100^48

That puts total sanity at .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% not a very happy statistic, is it? XD

But hey, if you think you’d enjoy our commentary; feel free to choose the same showing regardless of what I say. But just to make sure you know what you’re getting into, here are a few examples on how annoying we are:

(Please note that everything said and sung is Very Loudly done)



Us: Look! Lemurs! Let us sing along! “I like to move it move it. I like to…move it!”


The Omen

*Damien-the-antichrist stares creepily at audience*

Person behind us: *screams in fear*

Us: Awww! How cute! I just want to pinch his cute widdle cheeks~! <3


Nanny: *as she’s about to jump off the balcony with a noose around her neck* It’s all for you, Damien! It’s all for you!

Random person: S@#&! C#&*! F$%&!


Big Black Dog: *snarls and bites humans*

Girl in front of us: *latches onto her seatmate*

Us: So cute and obedient, that dog… I WANT ONE TOO! Of course, I mean in the eat-people-I-don’t-like way. Not the eat-me or eat-people-I-like way.

Robert Thorn: *prepares to kill Damien for the betterment of the world, even if he still loves and considers Damien his son*

Damien: *please-don’t-kill-me-daddy puppy-eyed look*


-Last Scene-

*Damien, holding his new guardian’s hand, turns to face the audience and smiles creepliy.*

People: *whimper*



Err… yeah. And we laugh Very Loudly. Oftentimes during inopportune moments like when people scream in fright.

Yeah. Err. So. We watched the movie. And we were loud. As always.

“No Reservations” trailer

*Scenes of the kill-joy female chef and fun-loving male chef*

Audience: Awwww….

Georgia: Oh, they are SO falling in love. Like ALWAYS.

“Seek the Signs” trailer

*Trailer blathers on about the darkness and the last of the light*

Meg: It’ll be like Kingdom Hearts. Where every other line will have “dark”, “light”, and/or “door” in it…

Rest-of-us: And cute little boys!

People behind us: O_o wtf?

“December Boys” trailer

*Nun appears in first scene*

Georgia: *latches onto my arm* Ooh! Scary!

Me: -_- (so she finds the antichrist cute but is afraid of nuns… were the nuns that ran our high school that bad?)

*Daniel Radcliffe shows up in trailer*


Meg: Waist down, I tell you. Waist down only.

Me: Chop off his head?

The-other-five: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Then the Disney-Pixar trailers and shorts started showing… and much random squeeing and bouncing occurred. Like the little kids that we are.

Ratatouille proper (contains very minor spoilers - highlight to view just to be safe)

*Rats evacuate very orderly from house. Think fire drill*

Georgia: OMG, they have SAFETY MEASURES? O_O No wonder there are so many of them in the world!

Rest-of-us: -_- Movie, Georgia, movie…

Georgia: Hahah. Got caught up in the moment. *pause* But you never knoooow!

*The lead guy’s name is revealed to be Alfredo Linguini.*

Me: What a cruel mom. If I had his name, I’d be hungry foreeeeeeveeeer.

Gin: Pao, you are hungry forever.

Me: Quiet, you! That’s completely beside the point.

*Colette stabs (not pins) Linguini’s sleeve to counter with big knife*

People: O_o

Us: Omg, she is SO COOL! I LOVE her! <3


*Remy pulls on Linguini’s hair to make him move*

Georgia: *pulls my hair* Move, darn it, MOOOVE!

And the entire time, Marie and Ysabel just laughed uncontrollably at us (take note: at us); and Georgia randomly grabbed and moved and pulled my arm (especially in all the “aww” moments… plus she panics a lot… and I mean A Lot). My arm muscles spasmed randomly ’til Sunday. XD But I <3 Georgia and her insanity, so it’s okay. Lol.

After the movie, we were all Very Hungry. So we went to Bizu to get cakes.

But then we realised we had no more money (at least money to be happy in Bizu). So we went to Tender Bob’s to get the giant ice cream serving (9 scoops!)…

…But then Georgia doesn’t eat chocolate (because she says it’s unhealthy! Georgia you weido) And I’m allergic to strawberries, so… it was a no go too. :( And then Ysab had to leave.

So we went to Timezone instead! Where Georgia almost killed the Dance Dance Revolution machine.

Can you hear her stomp??? O_o

… Eventually, everyone just started laughing whenever Georgia did anything more than breathe and walk. XD

>>> I’d embed a video of everyone laughing, but I was part of “everyone”, so I was too busy to take videos.

And then, we all got beaten by a random guy on the basketball game. :P

Ah, twas fun! XD I loved Saturday!

Random note 1: The line that got Georgia to pose for the group pictures - “It’s okay Georgia! Even if our souls get sucked out, the bits of our souls the camera’ll take away will be together foreeever!”

Random note 2: My phone lives again~! XD (its continued health, however, is questionable - in fact, it doesn’t ring anymore… just kinda lights up when someone calls)

Random note 3: Hmm. Perhaps I should re-name this post “An Introduction to the Endangered Species Insanium Georgium” instead… XD