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I live!!!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

So, once again my blog has been neglected. Hmmm. I seem to remember typing up a few drafts, but I never got to post them, and now they’re all gone forever. :P Oh well.

One of my cousins is leaving the country tomorrow, so we had an early-new-year-slash-late-christmas dinner at their place. Since I am both very bored and feeling sorry for my blog, I shall write about random moments with my extended family (mom’s side).


Moment # 1 :

(during dinner)

Me: *eats peacefully*

LittleBoyCousin: *suddenly hops around across the table* “Help meee! Help meee!”

Me: “Eh? Help what? Help how? Huh?” *is utterly confuzed*

OtherCousins: *laughs really hard*

Me: “What? What? Whaaat?”

LittleBoyCousin: *continues to hop around helplessly* Help meeee!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeelp!

OtherCousins: *still laughing*

Me: Tell me why you are laughing children or I shall eat you! Muahahahah! Errr…. *cough* *still confused*

LittleBoyCousin: *hops around the corner to my side of the table* “Heeelp!” *looks imploringly at the nearest non-laughing cousin, namely me*

Me: *sees checkered shorts* “Huh? I don’t get it… and weren’t you wearing jeans?”

OtherCousins: *laugh harder*

Me: *blinks, sees LittleBoyCousin’s feet… with jeans around his ankles. Starts laughing as well. Tries to help but can’t stand from laughing*

LittleBoyCousin: *pout* HEEEELP!!! MOMMYYY!   *hops off to his mom*


Moment # 2 :

BabyCousin: *jumps* “Look! I’m flying! I’m flying!”

Me: awwwyoucuteliddlebabehsocutiewutieoooooo   “Wanna fly higher, Angel? Come, let’s fly higher” *lifts baby and runs around room with her*

BabyCousin: *laughs, reaches for door*

Me:  “Oh, you wanna touch the top? Okay, let’s go!” *jogs to door*

BabyCousin: *silence*

Me: *looks up*

BabyCousin: *stares at top of door, reaches up*

Me: “… oops…”

BabyCousin: “Door? Can’t reach…” *tries harder*


Moment # 3:

(Final picture taking before people start leaving for home)

ExtendedFamily: *squishes together and poses*

Cousinsofcousins: *takes lotsa consecutive pictures*

ExtendedFamily: *smiles, laughs*

Aunt#1: “Everyone smiling? Wow that’s a lot of pictures! Okay, one, two…”

Cousinsofcousins: *laughs, continues clicking away*

Aunt#1: *pops party popper* + Cousinsofcousins: *stops taking photos*

Everyone: *blinks* “Err…” *confused* “Weren’t we supposed to have/take photos with confetti in the air?” *pause* *shrug* *more pictures are taken*


And there we go! I shall stop at three because it’s a nice number! Heheh.

Random Babbles XD

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

New electronics make me hyper high. There was the nds of my little brother, which I kept smiling at… the psp I got, which I kept patting affectionately, various things here and there that friends and family got that I poked and prodded happily like when I poke my baby cousin’s cheeks, and now there’s the new computer monitor…

Me: *walks up the stairs to my brother’s room, where the computer is* New thing! I smell new electronic thing~! <3

Mom: *hears me from room* New monitor, finally.

Me: *walks into room* Yay! After months of it fritzing on us! :DDD

Mom: *nods and continues watching her soaps*

- Hours later -

Mom: How long are you going to take? I need to check office things and read random forums and info and fanworks on my soaps… heheheh.

Me: NOOO! *clings to monitor* You can’t make me leave it… *takes really long whiff of the monitor*

Mom: …

Me: *still clinging and whiffing*

Mom: … Young lady, you know you’re not allowed to get high inside the house!

Me: *sob*

Err. Yeah. XD Have I scared everyone off now?


My eldest sister sends the weirdest text messages ever. Well, we all do. But this one ranks so high in the weird scale that I felt the compelling need to share.

Message from Atsi: High point of my day. I just saw a lawyer in his 60’s in a mohawk. How weird is that?

Me: O_o


Random moment of the week:

Friend: Paooooo! *grabs my hand*

Me: …?

Friend: The weather’s really hot.

Me: … and…?

Friend: Your hands are usually cold.

Me: What am I, your living air-conditioner?

Friend: Hey, if the glove fits…

Me: …

Friend: …

Me: Well, you know what they say. Cold hands, warm heart.

Friend: *chokes on spit* WARM HEART???

Me: …

Friend: *laughs uncontrollably*

Me: … -_- How can you be reacting like that when you’re using me as a convenient temperature regulator?

Friend: Man, the guy who made that up is one poor sod.

Me: … Anything I say or do shall be taken against me in the court of your mind. So I shall keep my peace. Even if I want to thwack you. HARD.

Friend: *still laughing* I mean, seriously! He probably died without realizing the true evil of his cold-handed friend! *bursts into new, livelier, set of laughs*

Me: … Sheesh. Get over it already. May you suffocate in your laughter.

So mean, that friend is. TT__TT

EDIT: I just drank 1.5 litres of coke zero… and am now drinking regular coke. … all ’cause I was too busy to get up to grab a pitcher of water. Hahahahah. O_x So much for getting any sleep anytime soon…


Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Due to numerous car troubles, I haven’ driven myself anywhere for around… 4, 5 months? But today, my dear ol’ dad left the key inside the car, and since I was the only one left at home - I had to drive the spare key to the office. -_-;;

Mom: Your dad’s old. He forgot to get the key before leaving the car. At least he didn’t leave the engine running… but it’s only a matter of time, I tell you!!!

Me: Okay. So why’d you call me?

Mom: We need you to bring the spare key here. Blue car’s.

Me: But… Isn’t the blue car the only one I’m allowed to drive?

Mom: … In light of this circumstance, you have our permission to bring the small white car. Rather, it’s not like we have much of a choice, here.

Me: … Can’t he just pick the lock? He did it before. One must wonder why he’s so well versed in picking car locks, eh?

Mom: … We parked along the street. It’s a very busy street. It would look… very strange. I wonder too. But let’s leave your father’s… odd… hobbies alone, shall we? KEY. NOW.

Errr…. yeah. XD So anyway, I drove the white car… and I swear, I hate that thing!

Me: *LIGHTLY tapes accelerator*

Car: *vroom to 30kph*

Me: O_o;; *heart attack* WHAT??? I haven’t even fully released the clutch pedal yet!

… Within five seconds, AND still in first gear, the speed goes up to 60… For Philippine traffic, that is a Very Scary Thing. O_o And I’m used to the normal car… 100 kph in 3rd gear??? O_X!!! What in blazes???

Of Little Brothers and Dead Computers…

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

O_o I haven’t been online for four days… O_o Wow.

In any case, to cut a long story short, my computer got infected with a virus that makes it randomly hang/restart… and not work for around half an hour after.

Needless to say, it is very, very sad. Having it fixed this weekend, methinks I hope.

So. In any case… the pictures for the supposed Aug3 and Aug4 entries are in the dead computer, so I am currently unable to post them :( .

No pictures this post! :(

In other news, I need “Big-sistering 101″… O_o I just made my little brother cry. (Well, fine, it was my cousin and I, but still…) I wasn’t even scolding him or anything. O_o It just… happened. One moment we were talking, the next he was crying…

Cousin: *playfully pinches little brother*

Josh: Ow! *pouts and glares*

Me: O_o Don’t overreact… I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

Josh: It did!!! ‘Cause I’m fat and fat people hurt easier! You don’t know ’cause you’re not fat!

Me: … -_- That doesn’t quite follow…

Cousin: Don’t worry, I didn’t get it either.

Little brother: *grumbles* Maybe I should save a hundred dollars and go to Europe. And change my name to Bob.

Cousin and I (who honestly thought it was a joke): *burst into laughter*

Little brother: *pout-glares even more*

Me: O_o You were serious? USD100??? That’s not even enough for a trip to the local beach! And airline customs!

Cousin: And BOB??? *laughs some more*

Little brother: *Cries, drops his doughnut and storms off*

Cousin and I: O_o Okaay. Did we make him cry???

Okay. I wasn’t trying to make fun of him. I thought it was a joke… and when I figured he was serious, I was honestly incredulous. O_O AND… My little brother is in sixth grade… he’s old enough, isn’t he? Twelve… do kids still cry at the drop of a hat at that age…? When I was in sixth grade, I was doing payrolls for my mother… O_o Generation gap… Or is it the youngest kid syndrome? …Perhaps my little brother is just a little lot oversensitive?



Random note 1: Remember my Very Dead Phone? It’s been replaced! XD Yay for me! My eldest sister bought a new phone, so I’m using her old one. Not that the new-old-phone is strictly fully functional - but at least it’s not dead!

Random note 2: Samsung phones are weird. When your battery runs low, it vibrates AND beeps to tell you so. Like… every three minutes. So if you’re trying to conserve what little energy is left, all of the annoying vibration-warnings will eat it all up. O_x

Good News and Bad News

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Cards have been banned from school — and seeing as Bridge was the Official Sport of UPCSA (my org)… people had to come up with coping mechanisms.

We’ve done everything. Pick-up-sticks, jack stones… carving dama/checkers/chess boards onto the wooden bench and using bottlecaps for the pieces… then later on the Rubik’s Cube, and now… Chinese Checkers.

At first, people attempted to play chinese checkers on the regular checkers board. Needless to say, it was very strange and confusing. However, after a day or two, Bong decided to take pity on the org (whose members were starting to look more and more retarded every bridge-less second) and brought an actual chinese checkers board.

And so, excitable little beings that we are - we decided to play. Who exactly played is unimportant - in the end, the game took so long that there had to be multiple player substitutions.

And here is the reason for the VERY long game –


He looks completely harmless, just sitting there staring at the game pieces — until you look at the board.

It’s hard to see ’cause I just used a camera phone, but Chris had one of his brown pieces on EVERY ONE of the six points… XD He decided that since he’s not winning, no one will. Lol

In the end, everyone got blackmailed into building him a path straight to his area. XD A Very Direct Path. Just so he’d move his pieces from the points. Smart way to win, eh? XD Try it next time.

…Chris still didn’t win, though. He came second. But still, that’s a long way to go from last (or second to the last, because my chinese-checkers-playing-skills are non-existent)

XD It was extremely amusing. Then again, anything with Chris thrown in is amusing. XD I <3 CSA. :P

-End Happy Thoughts -

WARNING: semi-rant ahead.

Okay. It’s a good thing I laughed so much earlier today, or I’d be in a Seriously Bad Mood right now.

So. There are three main reasons why I always look for people I can hitch rides with to go home.

1) Me = asthma

Jeep = smoke

Me + Jeep = Asthma + Smoke = DEATH (that or The Nebulizer of Doom - and believe me, they don’t rate very far from each other in my mind’s eye)

2) I get stranded. >.< Things come up and suddenly no one can pick me up… until… say… 10pm? Later?

3) The cars are ancient. And break down. A lot.

My dad on fixing cars:

Any-one-of-us: “Dad, I think the car needs a tune-up…”

Dad: “Bah humbug. A tune-up? It still works, doesn’t it?”

Any-one-of-us: “Dad, the car is hard-starting. And the clutch gets stuck.”

Dad: “Lieees! It doesn’t happen to me!”

Now, I shall give you a moment to remember the incident mentioned in “The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me”, where the car died along the expressway. I’d note all the times any of us experience car trouble, but then my fingers might fall off before I even come close to finishing this entry.

So, the point is - today, the car died. It wouldn’t start, and the clutch pedal got stuck. In the middle of Cubao, where the PUVs are abundant, the pollution suffocates, and where the roads are so narrow cars stay within an inch of each other. What’s worse is that it was raining VERY hard, and I was dead hungry. Now, don’t get me wrong - I LIKE the rain… at least when I’m not in the middle of a polluted street with jeepneys and tricycles spewing black smoke at my face.

We had to push. To the gas station. Where the mechanic refused to entertain us because it was 1650H and the service station closed at 1700H.

So, we had to call my sister to pseudo-tow us. With a rope. But the car that broke down was a fair bit heavier than the one that was doing the pulling. It was very hard. The speed gauge barely rose above 0. My father was yelling over my mom’s mobile phone the entire time. Sure, the phone wasn’t on speaker. But his voice was Loud and Clear. Curse sun and their unlimited sun-to-sun calls. In other words, if I had walked, I would’ve probably gotten home faster AND saner. >.< Roar.

I really, really need to compile a carpool list. Or start moving into my grandma/uncle’s house which I won’t be allowed to do so carpool it is. Seriously.

The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me… (Take Two!)

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Alright. My little brother, bless his little soul, accidentally deleted the original post via Live Writer. TT__TT So… here it is (again) as best as I can remember…


Today (or rather yesterday - 26Jul07) my eldest sister (hereby labelled Achi or “A” for convenience) brought me to school… and here is what happened:

A:  Here, dearest sister, you can have this.

Me: !!! Simpson Doughnut! <3 … Tickeeeet! <3

A: *evil smile*

Me: But… wait… wasn’t opening yesterday? O_o *flips ticket and stares*

              *gasp* You watched without me!!!

A: *blinks innocently* Why yes, I did. And I want you to have that to remember your Simpsons-less Wedenesday by. Forever! Muahahahahah.

Me: *choked sob*


Well, fine… it didn’t go exactly like that, but… close enough.


And so, later on, I decided to question my second sister (hereby Dichi or “D”) regarding the unfairness-ness of my Simpsons-less state…


D: It was her consolation for her Misfortune Last Monday. Would you rather have had It happen to you just so you can get a ticket???

Me: …Well…

D: -_- …Don’t answer that. I forget that you’re not right in the head. Have I professed my unrelation to you recently?

Me: *feigns hurt* Your words wound me, I tell you.


The Pertinent Moments of the Misfortune of Last Monday as Experienced by Me


Bro: So… Achi brought the green car?

Me: Yes?

Bro: But… didn’t she switch cars with mom because the white one was going psycho?

Me: …Yeah?

Bro: …So she traded a problematic car for an even more problematic one…

Me: …Pretty much…

Bro: I bet the car’ll break down on her.

Me: I hope not. She’s going to Laguna^

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

Mom: The car broke down on your Achi.

Me: Ahia^ jinxed her!

Ten to Eleven PM

Mom: Why isn’t your sister home yet?

Me: No idea.

- Mom’s phone rings. Mom makes the regular grunts and yeah’s characteristic of most parent-child phone conversations -

*long silence*

Mom: Car broke down on your sister. Again. Along the South Luzon Expressway. In the middle of the road.

Me: Is anyone with her?

Mom: Nope. She’s alone.

Me: … How very Unlucky.

Mom: …Oh well. better her than us.

Me: O_o Mom! You’re a mom!

Mom: Yes, while I am indeed undisputably a mom, I have not yet lost my common sense and practicality. Muahahahah.

Me: O_O!


^Laguna = Very Far. And somewhere along the South Luzon Expressway, there are no gasoline stations or such for a mile or so plus you’re all alone (with the exception of cars speeding by every once in a while). O_o Also, the reception of my eldest sister’s mobile network provider isn’t very good.

^Ahia: eldest brother


As you can see, the insanity runs in the family. So does the sadism. And a lot of other not-quite-good things.


For the curious, this is what the Simpsons Ticket looks like inside:


First, D watches the Ratatouille premiere. And then A watches the closed screening of The Simpsons Movie. Both occur without me. Whatever happened to the whole “cartoons are for the younger ones” thing my dad keeps going on about? TT__TT


….. If anyone manages to retrieve the original, I shall be eternally grateful.