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Globe Load Scammers

So. +639172486612. If you happen to be my friend that’s just messing around, you’d better tell me soon.

Yes, this is a (semi) hate blog. Because really. People who try to cheat others waaay do not deserve respect.

If anyone knows this person, tell me. I REALLY want to have a nice long chat with her. I know it’s a her because in my irritation, I called. (I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she could tell me the number she was supposed to send load to, and it was close to mine, I MIGHT have considered it.) She picked up, the idiot. And pretended she could not hear me. Then turned her phone off for the rest of the afternoon. I hope she missed a lot of important calls.

ANYWAY! Here’s what happened:

1) Around 1pm today, I received a message from this girl (09172488612), stating “1/2 You have just been loaded P150 by 09172488612. P150 load will expire in 18 day(s). Trace#78137716…..”  Blah blah.

2) Soon after, she sent me a message saying “Nku nwrng send po ako, bka po pwd pki resend nyo..pls po” (Sorry I sent load to the wrong number. Maybe you can resend it to me. Please)


1) Globe sends an automated message. Not the number that sent (2916, I believe)

2) IF, by some chance I just didn’t receive the message from 2916, and she forwarded me the message to be sure… the forwarded message should read “You transferred P150 load to 0917xxxxxxx. P1 fee for this transaction. Trace#78137716….” blah. Also, I sent load to someone today and the trace # had nine numerals, but I’m not sure if that’s standardized

3) … Lady, I’m postpaid. Do your homework before you try scamming someone, will you? Globe has a freakishly easy code for postpaid vs prepaid numbers.

GUYS, DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS. I realised afterwards what if someone’s in a hurry, one might not notice that the loaded thing came from a mobile number and not a globe automated one. I mean, fine, it’s possible that someone missent load… but still. Be careful.

+639172486612. Beware.