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The True Obstruction of Justice

Friday, April 17th, 2009

OH. MY. GOD. I’ve been watching Bandila tonight, and seeing how our esteemed policemen handled (and handles) things absolutely DISGUSTED me. If I were to be killed by a murderer, I beg everyone not to let the fools investigate my case. I’d rather die without my killer getting caught rather than have them harass the people I care for!

It’s absolutely disgusting! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? For eff’s sake, what happened to basic human rights??? The police, so self-important, deign to ignore the very laws they are supposed to enforce.

Dragging people away without warrants, throwing out “obstruction of justice” everywhere to justify their inhumane treatment of those people… Forcibly detaining them without warrants of arrest or any case or any reason above either a) certain payment or b) their belief in themselves stemming from watching one too many bad police movies. Just because you wear the uniform, dears, does not mean you’re above other people, above the law.

It’s disgusting. In this case, it’s so obvious how undertrained, under skilled (and on) our police force is. The problem is that they’re given power through guns and uniform, and their hapless victims are rendered defenceless. It’s a good thing this was so much under media scrutiny. Imagine how many people were not able to defend themselves because of the lack of record of harassment?

Imagine! Abducting people in front of a lawyer, ignoring her statements of their unlawful treatment of the helpers straight out! This girl’s been studying the laws for years! Can these policemen state TEN??? Obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice… I’d like to see a dozen of them that can define and explain that term without looking at a reference. And here’s an example of their justification of taking the driver… ‘We took him because he drove them to new era. And cleaned the car.’ – well duh, he’s a driver. It’s his job. So, maybe you wanted to look at the blood stains or whatnot, but dude they have no idea. I can understand that you take everyone for suspects, but that’s no excuse to treat them like dirt! Like they’ve really done it!

I can’t imagine what Ted Failon’s family must be going through. For Trina’s sisters, finding out your sister was in critical condition, wanting to be by her side at her final moments, to be dragged away from her at her worst hours and then finding out in (unjust) detainment that she died without you there.

For her husband and children, to suffer a wife and mother’s critical condition and subsequent death without the help of other family because of the inexcusable actions of supposed authority. I call them supposed because I don’t think they deserve it. To see her die without her complete family, to lose such a precious one while being continually harassed and disrespected (and on) by the very people that are supposed to help.

What hope is there for us of justice, if this is how the stewards of justice handle it?