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I live!!!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

So, once again my blog has been neglected. Hmmm. I seem to remember typing up a few drafts, but I never got to post them, and now they’re all gone forever. :P Oh well.

One of my cousins is leaving the country tomorrow, so we had an early-new-year-slash-late-christmas dinner at their place. Since I am both very bored and feeling sorry for my blog, I shall write about random moments with my extended family (mom’s side).


Moment # 1 :

(during dinner)

Me: *eats peacefully*

LittleBoyCousin: *suddenly hops around across the table* “Help meee! Help meee!”

Me: “Eh? Help what? Help how? Huh?” *is utterly confuzed*

OtherCousins: *laughs really hard*

Me: “What? What? Whaaat?”

LittleBoyCousin: *continues to hop around helplessly* Help meeee!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeelp!

OtherCousins: *still laughing*

Me: Tell me why you are laughing children or I shall eat you! Muahahahah! Errr…. *cough* *still confused*

LittleBoyCousin: *hops around the corner to my side of the table* “Heeelp!” *looks imploringly at the nearest non-laughing cousin, namely me*

Me: *sees checkered shorts* “Huh? I don’t get it… and weren’t you wearing jeans?”

OtherCousins: *laugh harder*

Me: *blinks, sees LittleBoyCousin’s feet… with jeans around his ankles. Starts laughing as well. Tries to help but can’t stand from laughing*

LittleBoyCousin: *pout* HEEEELP!!! MOMMYYY!   *hops off to his mom*


Moment # 2 :

BabyCousin: *jumps* “Look! I’m flying! I’m flying!”

Me: awwwyoucuteliddlebabehsocutiewutieoooooo   “Wanna fly higher, Angel? Come, let’s fly higher” *lifts baby and runs around room with her*

BabyCousin: *laughs, reaches for door*

Me:  “Oh, you wanna touch the top? Okay, let’s go!” *jogs to door*

BabyCousin: *silence*

Me: *looks up*

BabyCousin: *stares at top of door, reaches up*

Me: “… oops…”

BabyCousin: “Door? Can’t reach…” *tries harder*


Moment # 3:

(Final picture taking before people start leaving for home)

ExtendedFamily: *squishes together and poses*

Cousinsofcousins: *takes lotsa consecutive pictures*

ExtendedFamily: *smiles, laughs*

Aunt#1: “Everyone smiling? Wow that’s a lot of pictures! Okay, one, two…”

Cousinsofcousins: *laughs, continues clicking away*

Aunt#1: *pops party popper* + Cousinsofcousins: *stops taking photos*

Everyone: *blinks* “Err…” *confused* “Weren’t we supposed to have/take photos with confetti in the air?” *pause* *shrug* *more pictures are taken*


And there we go! I shall stop at three because it’s a nice number! Heheh.