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Tint = Mirrors? NO. O_o

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008


After spending 2 straight days in the house, I decided that I just HAD TO go out. Somewhere. Anywhere. BUT, since I didn’t want to spend, my choices became quite limited, and I ended up going to UP Diliman. Well, fine, so I really had to go there anyway, but still… Over yonder, I met up with a friend… and we discovered that one of my bosses is her mom’s friend’s grandchild… or something of the sort. Small world and all that and eventually we found ourselves driving on to Ateneo de Manila to watch a game between their Church and, well, another Church. (Vicariate vs Vicariate, actually, but Church is so much easier)

ANYWAY, after a while, Patti’s poor little brother started getting tired, and, armed with his mothers phone-instructions to get him away from the noise and have him rest, we brought him to my car in an attempt to make him sleep. We failed, of course. In fact, we think he got even more bouncy when we took him away. But what Tita Lea doesn’t know won’t hurt her.


Cute little bugger, aint he? That was, folks, taken in the only five seconds (approximately) he wasn’t hopping around the car. I’m surprised the car didn’t turn over or something.

So we were there, tiredly entertaining the little boy, when suddenly…

Patti: Pao, there’s this guy cleaning his face on my window.

Me: *fiddles with phone* Psh, stop kidding. The engine’s running. He can’t possibly not notice the car’s occupied.

Patti: *insistently* but he IS

Me: *sighs and turns around indulgently* *is shocked*

Patti, Little Boy, and Me: *bursts into uncontrollable fits of laughter*

Patti: Oh *laugh* god, I hope *chortle* he *giggle* doesn’t pick his nose *wheeze* or something…

Me: *chokes, fumbles for camphone*

The guy was making such strange and funny faces, I swear. I got my phone halfway through his second-to-the-last contorted face, but I figured taking a picture of that was too cruel. *ahem*NO, it was not just because Iwasjusttoobusylaughingtotakeashot*whistles innocently*

And lo and behold, when he finally moves on, and the three of us in the car were struggling to catch our breaths…


He does it again to the next car in the parallel-parked-line. Ah, I’m surprised we didn’t rupture anything from laughing so much.

For people out there who use car tints for mirrors (like this guy wiping his face/picking his teeth/etc) PLEASE at least make sure there’s no one in the car. It can be very embarrassing for you. I had half the mind to "accidentally" roll down my window just to watch him wither with mortification. Others may not be as considerate.

And it gets more pointless…

Friday, May 9th, 2008


Really, my entries are. XD In any case, this will be very short. At least IF until I get un-hyper enough to think in terms human beings can understand…

Speed Racer is <3. So much <3. It’s really too bad that they didn’t play the original theme song though. And that Racer X never admits the truth here… in the cartoon he did, right? Well, as far as I remember he did… O_o OR did I just imagine that when I was a kid. Oh well.

SPEED RACER IS STILL <3! ((and the colours are bound to make you go insanely hyper. <3 <3 <3))

EDIT#01 - 09 May 2008 - +0800 GMT

I want to watch it on imax! 8D All the colours and layering in 3D! Omg, I’m getting giddy at the very THOUGHT of it! <3