I love coffee, I love tea…
…and don’t forget the chocolate cake! :)

Transport Strike 11 March

A few days ago there was news of a transport strike scheduled for today, 11 March 2008. But last night, when I was working on a paper and wondering if I could put it off for another day because I am the master of schoolwork procrastination, classes were announced to be NOT suspended by DepEd. That crushed my hopes of classes-less-ness quite promptly, mind you, seeing as DepEd’s in charge of grade school and high school. I mean, if the kiddies had to go, what more us poor overworked university students? But, being the stubborn and procrastinating person that I am, I called UPD (632 9818500) anyway…

Phone rings. Automated answering thing. Press 0 for operator.

Operator: University of the Phili -

Me (typing away for paper): Hi! Are there classes tomorrow?

Operator: … I’m sorry, but UP doesn’t announce in adva -

Me: So I’ll call tomorrow morning? What time?

Operator: Around eight to -

Me: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

I pity operators that have to deal with me. I have this irrational fear of them, you see, so my conversations with operators often include a lot of hurrying and butting in except for deliveries because it’s FOOD and food gives me power. Lol.

Well, since classes were not suspended as of the wee hours, I figured I should finish my homework, so I did. But of course, I still didn’t want to go to school, so…


Me: *stares at clock* Too early to call… Rar. *plays PSP*


Me: STILL too early. *checks if there’s food*


Me: Okay. Just a LITTLE more.


Me: Classes start 8:30… I should be getting ready… *long pause* But hey, CMC is never on time. *turns on computer* It won’t kill me to be late just once… *sweats nervously* Late… late… GAH! I so can be late! *ignores the twitchy urge to hurry to school*

/7:20am… ish/

Me: Oh, I’m not logged in on y!m… *logs in*

-Patrick’s window pops out-</