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You Know You’re Laid Back When…

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

You get mad only once a decade, twice tops; and when you DO get mad you can’t think or move for half an hour without fear of yelling or hitting something. When you have to grab a handful of ice to literally cool your head. And when, hours later, your head still hurts and you check your temperature to find out you’re feverish. I guess it IS true, what they say about people you’ve never seen mad…

UP Students, Please Go To Our Symposium!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

No, I Haven’t Died Yet…

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

…Although I felt very close to it on the twelfth…

Before I forget, though… Thanks to everyone who bothered to read and comment on my previous entries… XD I never really thought people’d bother with anything here… hahah. Except those who know me, of course. Since I bug them and I can get extremely “persistent”…

*clears throat* So… reasons for the lack of posts: life has alternately been boring and boring some more, and really, who wants to read about boring stuff?

Anywho, on to the actual post…

We had a demo workshop for Creative Writing 10 class (Basics of CW) yesterday… and it’s really funny how one’s major in college can consume one’s life…


(During the workshop)

Angi: (on one story’s flow) The story’s a bit parabolic… there’s a really high point and then it sags and then suddenly shoots up again. It’s not neccesarily bad, but…

The rest of us: Parabolic? Huh?


Angi: (on another story’s word usage) Be more careful on how you input the data in your story…

Us: Input… data?


Angi: (on last story’s flow) Instead of a parabola, this one’s a bit like a negative polynomial function. The way it…


Me: TT__TT I left the College of Engineering only to hear about mathematical concepts in my creative writing class… It’s haunting meeeeeeeeee….


Meanwhile, most of the rest of the period was spent staring blankly at the discolouration on the pad of my left ring finger. It looks like the wound I got from CWTS camping mutated. I mean, really. It’s barely three millimetres in diameter and yet it hasn’t healed in two weeks… and it’s yellow. O_x

How’d I get it, you ask? Here’s how… (WARNING: LONG USELESS SEMI-RANT AHEAD)

Over here where I live, we have this thing called National Service Training Program (NSTP) which is divided into three components - Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC), Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), and Literary Training Service (LTS). Now, you don’t need to take all three, mind you. You get to choose one and stick to it for an entire year.

I chose CWTS. Another thing I have to explain is that different colleges (sometimes even different departments) offer different courses for CWTS. For example, the College of Social Sciences Dept. of Geography offers map-making or something to that effect, the College of Business Administration is fund raising for charity, College of Engineering Dept. of Geodetic Engineering has surveying, or maybe map reading and stuff, and the College of Engineering Department of Mining, Mineral, and Metallurgical Engineering, where I’m taking mine, offers Kampo-uno Rescue. Basically, rappeling with smatterings of first aid and ropemanship.

So… we had camp. Basically, to tie everything we learned together, and to see the practical uses of the skills they taught us.


Random: That bus pass is actually VERY neon. It’s just that the scanner doesn’t scan neon. :P

When you go to camp, you generally expect tents like this…


Above image taken from http://www.indymedia.ie/article/77224

But in our camp, we had long rows of…


Note: It’s described in the site I pirated it from (http://www.fcsutler.com/fcwedgetentdetails.asp) as a “Civil War Wedge Tent”. But if you go to the site, you’ll see that these tents actually have doors. OURS, however, were more of tarps hung over rope with nails driven through the four corners to secure them @_@. Basically, those who didn’t bring their own tents (or didn’t have friends who did) were feasted on by ants and mosquitoes. Oh, and it drizzled at night.

… Thank god one of my buddies (as in buddy system, but since our group had an odd number attending there were 3 of us) thought of bringing a basic dome tent…

Come Saturday morning, my group was due to go trekking and rappeling.

Lesson # 1: Don’t wear basketball shoes in the mountains. Zero traction. And collects mud like hell. (They were the only rubber shoes I could bring… The others were in the laundry)

Lesson # 2: Hate the rain when you’re in the mountains. Not only did we have to take a different, LONGER route… the trail was… well, trailing. As in streams of water downhill that make you slip.

Lesson # 3: Going up the mountain in the rain with weak knees and/or recent knee injury is not a good idea. To be fair, I didn’t really have much choice… and I did hang on for more than 3/4 of the time… but by the time we reached the end I couldn’t stand anymore… O_o And of course, somewhere along the way, my knee gave a painful twinge uphill when I was barely two steps away from a long fall, and I had to grab on to something. That something was a thorny branch. And that branch is the cause of my yellow finger pad.

Lesson # 4: Adrenaline rushes are O_o. One of my group-mates (who hadn’t gotten any sleep due to a dreadful exam friday night) got high and started zooming up and down the mountain. Zooming, sliding, laughing maniacally as he did so.

Lesson # 5: Even dome tents can’t save your stuff from the rain. We came back to the campsite to find everything absolutely drenched. Well, everything but OUR stuff, since we shoved all of them into huge garbage bags in a fit of paranoia. Ah, thank goodness.

Lesson # 6: Bring extra shoes. The zipping group mate’s shoes died on him. And everyone else’s shoes got too… well, filthy and stank like the mountains. Fancy going home with fly-magnet shoes?

Lesson # 7: Well, nothing, really. 6 just seemed like a bad number to end at. Ha. Ha. Oh wait, there is something! Don’t drink coffee or anything that’ll make you answer the call of nature. ‘Cause in the mountains, it will be the call of nature. And girls are at a natural disadvantage over yonder.


Girl: Uhm, sir, when can we get to a place with a CR? >.<

(male) Junior Instructor: *blinks uncomprehendingly* We’re in the mountains… :-/

Girl: Yeah, but the campsite had toilets, so… X_x

JI: We’ll be here a while. *nods sagely*

Girl: But, uhh… @_@

JI: There are lotsa trees and bushes. Pick one. I’m sure your friends won’t mind covering for you. :)

Girl: Uh, oh… nevermind… >.<

JI: Why? It’s fine, really. You can even go down a bit so that you’re sure no one can see you. :-?

Girl: Nah, it’s okay. I don’t really need to… yet… O_x

JI: No no, go ahead. :)

Girl: Uh… It’s a… girl thing… >.<

JI: O_O oh. Uh… *awkward pause*

Me: O_o poor soul


Random: I wanted to hug the concrete when we finally made it to some part of civilization.

In the end, we had to leave our tents and transfer to this empty gym a few metres away. It looked, quite literally, like an evacuation centre. Except there was a karaoke machine. And a little table/store that sells cup noodles, hot water, biscuits, and bottled water…


(See the karaoke machine on the stage?)

DSC00476 DSC00477

It was still fun, though. Even with the whole cliffs-of-death-two-steps-away bit, and the mud-in-places-you-never-knew-you-could-get-mud-in bit.

… In any case, I called my sister (Atsi) in extreme boredom that night and told her of my knee. And it seems my friend’s sister was sitting with Atsi that night (they were in a common friend’s party) and heard about it. Except she tends to exaggerate.


Sister of friend: Hey, did you hear?? Something happened to Pao’s leg!

Friend: O_o?!?!?! And you know this WHY?


Sunday was pretty relaxing. Except they used the karaoke machine as a wake up call… Hahah. In any case, I had to sit out… but at least I had a companion (she ran a fever in the night), so I didn’t completely die of boredom. And later, when she left me to watch the last activity (swimming in ice cold water), another group mate decided to stay in, and the Sunday trek/rappel group was done for the day.

TT__TT They finished around noon! Cause the rain stopped! They took a shorter route, and they were CLEAN… Wet, yeah, but CLEAN WET. Meanwhile, we took til 4pm in the mountains, and we were covered in mud head to toe… Seriously, I tried rinsing the mud off for half an hour and failed… I was SO jealous. >.<

Bah. In any case, I called a friend to say we were on our way home. Because I was bored. That very same friend with the sister mentioned above.


Friend: *as soon as she picks up* How’s your leg?!?!

Me: *blinks* Huh?

Friend: *accusingly* I had to find out from my sister, you know. Who had to find out from your sister.

Me: Ah. Party.

Friend: … LEG!

Me: KNEE. My leg is fine, my knee is… well, needs work.

Friend: Knee? But you’re fine?

Me: Yeah. Peachy.

Friend: That sister of mine… *grumble*


Regardless, the trip was still fun. Also, I love my group mates! <3 They fed me! XD Heheh.