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Impromptu Outing

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I’m sure a number of us have friends we don’t see often and yet remain close to, right? Wherein every person in their household seems to know you and vice versa (even if they’ve practically never set foot in your house)… Oh, and even if you call like… once every three years, the person who answers the phone over yonder can tell who you are. Well, when these friends invite you for a night out, it’s almost impossible to say no. And you never regret that little decision, no matter how much work you’ve piled up and how stressed you may be.

Warm fluffy feelings last until the next morning, usually. Lol. But enough of this cheesy stuff. Let me tell you something that’ll have you smiling with laughter instead of gagging with sugar. XD


1) We eat. A lot. We went to a Japanese restaurant (teriyaki boy) and ordered more than the group of four a few seats away. The dishes wouldn’t fit on the table for two.

Reg: *orders*

Waiter: Okay, how about you?

Me: *orders*

Waiter: Alright, what would you like to drink?


Waiter: …

Us: *orderorderorder*

Waiter: O_O Err… drinks?

Halfway through the meal, we had to order extra rice on top of the one bowl each we already had. The waiter’s smile looked like it’d split his face in half. I was tempted to tell him to just laugh, we wouldn’t mind.

Oh. And right after we left the restaurant, we started debating whether to have dessert or go to the arcade first. Because, you know, the dessert isn’t optional. At all.


2) The arcade was nearer. So we found ourselves gravitating towards there.

Reg is addicted to UFO catchers. That’s practically the only thing she plays. It’s fun watching her, though. Lol. It also helps that she almost always gets something.

Cute aint it? So what if I’m allergic to strawberries and incur a weird psycho-somatic reaction at the mere sight of it??? It’s FREAKISHLY CUTE, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not COMPLETELY un-girly and un-reacting. I think.

There was a watermelon pig too. But, unlike my friend, I am grouped in with the rest of humanity in that the art of UFO catching completely escapes me. So I had to earn one through tickets. And no, she didn’t end up earning a fourth of ‘em for me. Really.

Meet Melly the Watermelon. Please excuse the psychotic name. I blame it on Krispy Kreme (which will be tackled in a few moments).


3) Just driving #1 home. We eat. A lot. If we weren’t a bit short on funds we would’ve gotten a hell lot more than doughnuts, belive you me.

Anyway, Krispy Kreme drives me whacky. Even just the smell of it. It’s all the sugar, I tell you!

Flashback to last semestre, one morning class after having a cup of Kreme Coffee:

Me: *skips into room* Whee~! <3 Lovely day, isn’t it?

*thunder roars ominously*

NormalClassmates: O_O

EternallyChipperHyperClassmate: YES! Lovely day~! <3 <3 <3 Let us go skip and frolick in the lovely weather after class.

Me: Yes, lets!

*rain suddenly pours*

NormalClassmates: omfgthey’reinsaneGETTHEMAWAYFROMUS!!! NOW. O_O

*cough* No, really. it’s the coffee. I’m not really naturally batty. Really. Really really.

We couldn’t help taking pictures of the adorable little bears loudly and ashamedly. Sugar makes us happy, and happy makes us cukoo. In general. Right? :P

Apart from the two pictures posted in #2, here are more photos of the pigs. And we didn’t agonise over how they should pose. Loudly and unabashedly. And insanely. Much. And really, we didn’t settle for the most normal idea in the end. Just to keep the people around us sane. I think.

Fun fact: I hate taking pictures of myself. I mean, I’m with me all the time, why do I need pictures of myself? And here is proof…


I am singularly incapable of squeezing myself in photos I take. (I think I’ve mentioned that off-handedly in one of the entries in this blog…) In the end, I had to take coaching from Reg just so I’d be in the picture. (Who is apparently an expert in taking self-photos. VAIN) Oh, and there are about ten more pictures of me-not-there that I had to delete due to the lack of phone memory. We were sitting in front of the glass behind which the KK people were producing doughnuts. They stared. We were too sugar-and-cute-high to care.

Later, a waitress went up to us and commented on the cuteness of the pigs.

Waitress: Aww, so cute! Where’d you get them?

Reg: Timezone! :D

Me: Because Reg is a WEIRDO, she got hers from the UFO catcher. While I had to get it the normal, ticket way.

Waitress: But still, at least you got one. *smiles at us fondly, walks away*


Me: OMG, too sweet. *drinks water*

Reg: *evil eye-glint* I think she thinks we’re lesbian lovers.

Me: *gags* *laughs* Hey! You did that on purpose!

Reg: ‘Course I did.

Me: *grumble* What if I sprayed it on you, huh???

Reg: You never do. I enjoy the funny face, though. And the challenge of actually making a comment that’d make you do that. Sheesh, you’re so picky at these things. NR!!!

Me: *grumble grumble*


Reg: Anyway. I really do think she does.

Me: Well, we are sorta going high-psycho. And we do have matching stuffed animals. And we were taking numerous photos together… sorta. I don’t think they knew I wasn’t in the pictures the first couple hundred times…

Us: *pause* *laugh boisterously*

Me: But don’t all girls do that though? The cute-thing and the noise-thing and the pictures-thing?

Reg: Yes. Stop talking like you aren’t one, or they really WILL think we are. Your lack of basic social understanding and normality can be misconstrued many, many ways. I mean I know you’re like that cause you’re plain psycho, they don’t. But that’d be really funny though, wouldn’t it?

Me: *shrug* Hmm. Maybe they’re looking at us weirdly just ’cause we’re psycho. And yes, it’d be really funny. Want to feed the flames of rumour a bit?

Reg: Too true. And why not?

Ah, twas fun. :P I think we have partly traumatised the KK personnel, though. ;P Well, if we did, it’s their fault for being gossipy and having gutter brains. Hahah. :D


Yes, we are evil psychos. But that’s why we’re fun.

Lions for Lambs

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


Okay. I knew that this movie was going to have political themes. So even if I’ve always sort of wanted to watch it, I also always had low expectations. After all, it’s politics… what’re the odds of it not being a festival of selfishness and self-justification? But!!! I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually pretty good! O_o And I’m only writing this short thing because I am Truly Gobsmacked that I ended up enjoying a politics-themed movie. It was still very utterly truly irrevocably omg mind numbingly American though. So I suppose some people might get turned off by all the American patriotism going around.

Hm. If only some Filipino manages to make a political film that cohesive and surprisingly open-ended (and miraculously not leaning too much in one direction). And if only Filipinos were even HALF as proud of their country as the Amercans in the film… *sigh*

Why I Will Never Get Employment…

Monday, November 5th, 2007


I hate interviews. I swear. O_x You see, I half fail actual social interaction. Well, it’s okay if I know someone, or am speaking with a friend of a friend and such… but interviews and public communication just do weird things to me. Like drive me bat crazy.

You see, I’m taking up Engineering but I decided to shift. I realised that I’ll kill myself out of hatred for the subject matter if I continued. To Communication Reasearch. The essay exam was alright, but then afterwards we had to sit through an interview… and I died. @_@

Haha. I get so jittery during interviews that I forget to answer the questions and ramble on and on about random things… TT__TT *sob* I hope they still let me and my insanity in…


Excerpt from ComRes interview of Pao. 05Nov2007. Approx 1344H +08GMT :

Interviewers: What name would you like us to address you with?

Me: *in freaky cheery voice* ”Oh! Pao is fine. I have many many names, but Pao’s the easiest, so that’ll do. *pause* Unless of course you’d prefer to call me something else… Then you can call me whatever suits your fancy. Well, I don’t really mind whatever you call me. Whether I actually answer to the name, however, is the question…

Interviewers: *silence* Okay. whatwasthatyouweirdperson???  … Why do you want to shift to ComRes?

Me: I want to take up ComRes cause it’s research! On communication! Whee. Lovely things, those. Interesting too. Oh, speaking of interesting… do you know that a few days ago some Australian policemen arrested a crocodile for pouncing on poor, unsuspecting fishermen? Quite funny, that. <3

Interviewers: No, not really… ohdearlordshe’sbloodyCUKOO


Okay. So I was actually able to say a couple of cohesive reasons on why I wanted to shift like how math drives me battier than even interviews, and how many things will die if I deal much more of it much longer… but I didn’t say that ’cause it would make it look like shifting’s a last resort. Which it’s not, honestly. It’s actually one of the first. but that’s probably how the two interviewers are going to remember the proceedings. And the reasons I actually gave were too boring to blog about, of course.