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And The Cover Up Begins…


So. Remember Katherine? Apparently, the culprit, Manuel Hernandez Jr., wasn’t the child of a SB justice - it was the nephew of one. Instead, the one who shot her is a Pasig City legal department lawyer - or something to that effect.


The facts of the matter, as stated by five people who have watched the ‘official news report’ (unfortunately, I was unable to see it myself) are these:

1) It took the press an entire day to relay the facts - and it happened in the form of a press release by Pasig City.

2) With the whole “Guy with Katherine, Edgardo Canizares, kicked culprit’s car”, there is now an accusation that said guy broke the glass of the window.

3) Katherine was described as “household help.”


For one, Katherine is not household help. The saddest thing about her death is that she came home to the Philippines from her job abroad, which, I reiterate, is not being “household help”. The fact that the ‘official report’ couldn’t even get this one little fact straight makes the integrity of the thing very questionable. The news report on the day itself never stated anything about broken glass (and hey, if I’m a witness, I’d sure as hell remember a guy breaking the glass way before remembering he kicked the car… and I would be very, very, afraid to find that car windows are so easily broken from a man’s punch that no one seems to notice it first). Oh, and all the new witnesses were residents of Pasig City. Now, The accident, as far as I have heard, did occur in Pasig City. So most witnesses should be residents from there. But usually, when accidents happen, a lot of motorists stop to see what all the fuss and hubub’s about - and usually, said motorists are from different residences; and a couple of them are bound to get interviewed. Although there is a chance of the witnesses being all from Pasig, and even if it is more convenient to ask the residents - you can’t really say that there’s a very good possibility that every single person the police interviewed on the spot, right after the shooting, was a Pasig resident. And by exprience, residents watch from distant vantage points - second floor windows and half behind their doorframes - and the motorists and sidewalk vendors are the ones who go close to the accident.

Now, I understand that I may be a bit biased regarding this, but… it does sound a bit fishy, doesn’t it? #3 is very important, and brings to light another point in our society that seems so very wrong. I’ve heard a couple of people say: “Ah, so it was just household help.”, upon hearing the “victim’s occupation”. So… let us say that it was true. What if the victim was household help? Does that make her any less of a human being? Just because we perceive her job to be “not noble”, we lessen the value of her life and work? Well, listen here, some “household help” earn more than teachers - some of these give more to our country than we do. Also, 90% of middle class and higher households can’t survive without the local help. What right have we to say “Ah, so it was just the help.” like it’s a justification for her death? It really is such a sad thing, for social stratification to encompass our thoughts and ideals so much that we no longer seem to think of those we perceive as “below” us to be human beings. #3 is important because it has, sadly, successfully made the deaths of two human beings a lot lighter than what people first considered it to be.

Because, in our world, “innocent domestic helper” is worth a hell of a lot less than “innocent person”.


Tsk. 2 serious posts in one week. Oh my.

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  1. Raein Says:

    I feel like he’s going to get away with it. And it’s making me VERY VERY sad.

    This would be one of the reasons why the Phils suck.

  2. Josh Says:

    What a cool blog, I found it by accident but am glad I did

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