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Wasted Lives…

I’ve neglected this blog, haven’t I? Nearly two months without an update…  O_o Sorry for that, by the way. But sadly, between family stuff and job hunting, life’s taken a turn for the “Extremely Boring”. *sigh* In any case… on to the real content.


General Glossary:

Achi - eldest sister

Dichi - second older sister

Sachi - third older sister

Ahia - first older brother (Dihia for second, Sahia for third)

Shobe - little sister

Shoti - little brother


As you may have noticed or not, I prefer writing happy blogs. And on the rare occasion that I do write about something serious, I make an effort to do it in a light way. I’ve found that people set aside more time and effort to read light and happy things, so writing that way is best way to make them understand. 

But even I believe that there are some things that are just impossible to write about without an air of sadness.


A bit of background - I came from a high school (all girls) where nearly everyone knew each other one way or other. Sure, there were roughly a thousand students… but the community’s still pretty inter-connected (well, by a lot of people’s standards). Perhaps because we were all basically from the same Filipino-Chinese community. Usually, all the girls of a family’d go to our school, and so it isn’t surprising to find out that your Mom was best friends with your worst enemy’s aunt, or that your Achi used to be chums with your best friend’s Dichi and stuff like that.


Well, just a little over an hour ago, Achi called me. She was extremely distraught. “Katherine died.” she said. “Katherine got shot.”

As you can very well imagine, I got pretty confused. “What?” I asked. I actually thought she may have drunk a little. I mean, she just called out of the blue and told me someone had died. And Katherine… well. I knew a bloody lot of Katherines.

“Katherine Palmero. She got shot.” My sister, for all her lawyer-ly long windedness, couldn’t say much else.

“Who?” I asked. The surname was familiar. And the trend of chinese parents giving their kids uniform initials didn’t help the pit forming in my gut.

“Katherine Palmero. We were friends. She was one of the high school friends I kept in touch with. Klar’s sister. Patty’s cousin…”

And that was it. The pit just sort of grew. I knew Klar, I knew Patty. We weren’t quite friends, but we were closer than mere acquaintances. And I’ve met this person, once or twice. “Bloody…”

“She got shot. Just earlier today. Traffic altercation. She got shot.” And no matter how much she tried to hide it, I could hear my sister want to cry.

“We’re trying to find out who exactly did it. He’s going to get away, I can feel it. Son of a Sandigang Bayan Justice. He’s going to get away because of his parent’s connections. Hell, he doesn’t deserve to. Katherine… she wasn’t even sick… and now… I mean, because of a stupid traffic altercation?”

And there it was. Shock was giving way to tears. “Sorry. I just needed to let it out, you know?”

“Yeah. You going to the wake?”

“Yeah. But no details yet.”

And then the line died.


Now, most of you may think that I’ve dramatised things too much. But the truth is I’m calling that conversation as we had it. To be honest, I’ve never cared much for deaths. Everyone dies, after all. And so when people tell me this and that died, I feel a brief pang of guilt - because I should care more, shouldn’t I? My friend’s aneurism at 16, random accidents here and there claiming friends of friends’ lives… Distant relatives kicking the bucket and family friends sending news of a loss… All sudden losses… but they never really affected me much. Everyone dies, after all.

But this is different. This one didn’t die of an accident. Didn’t die of a sickness. She was shot by a man who will probably get away with it. Katherine was 28. Older than my dead friend, older than the string of deaths from the neighbouring boy’s school. But it was a conscious decision on the part of another human being to kill her.

Accidents happen. Sicknesses happen. There are a lot of what-ifs involved in them, but in the end, you still can’t be sure if they could have been avoided. But killing… you know it could’ve been prevented.

And the worst thing about it? The culprit will probably get away. There are no perfect justice systems, after all. Sandigang Bayan is basically second to the Supreme Court. I’ve tried searching for news online about the death (it was reported in the ABS-CBN 6:40pm news, I’ve heard), but to no avail.

I also heard the culrit’s name wasn’t mentioned, even if the authorities know who it is. Why? Sad to say, it’s probably to cover things up. It happened last year too. A rich tycoon’s son shot himself and the girl he was on a date with - everyone knew who it was, but the official archives erased his name.

It wasn’t even a good reason. The guy killed her because of a traffic altercation. They didn’t even bump each other. They almost hit each other, but they managed to avoid it. But it appears it was the SB child’s stupidity that nearly caused it, so Katherine’s companion got off and started yelling at the guy. “We could’ve all died! We could’ve all killed a couple of people!”. And as the guy rudely started moving forward, the companion kicked the car, and then — that was it. They were both shot.

I have no idea who the companion is, otherwise I’d mention him/her too.

I admit that it’s annoying to almost bump into a car and then get yelled at by the other car’s passenger… but why kill them? Are their lives really that useless? And even if they were, what right does one have to judge them as such? Or maybe it was done in the guy’s perverse confidence that he could and would get away with it. Perhaps he gets a thrill from the display of power killing without repercussion can give.

… Either way, it really shows how strange we are. Loving our cars more than the lives of others, losing our sense because of a few heated words.

I hope he doesn’t get away. He doesn’t deserve to. But then, a lot of people get what they don’t deserve.


In the end, all we can do is hope.


R.I.P. Katherine Palmero. And whoever her comanion may have been. I promise to update the name as soon as I find out.

21 Responses to “Wasted Lives…”

  1. Mikee Says:

    from a friend of Kay


  2. kay's friend Says:

    Hi companion’s name was Edgardo Canizares.

  3. Edeng Says:

    Whoever you are….I feel so sad too. You see Katherine or Katrina as I fondly remember her,is a daughter of a cousin of mine whom I am not close with. My family has been cursed with so much disagreements and anger. But when one sees the waste of a life that is innocent and so pure, I begin to realize just how we have wasted time in disagreements when we could have used the time to love each other in life rather than saving it in death. So tragic. But bless you — I am sure you have provided the love to her which the rest of us could not have provided because of petty stupidieties like family diagreements. I could only mourn and cry for her loss. Bless you…

  4. R from Vancouver Says:

    Was talking w her the night before-She professed her feeling for me=and now she’s gone. She was a wonderful caring lady…Precious KP.That’s my car she’s standing in on her Friendster website. I’ll miss you terribly. You will always be in my thoughts.

  5. a very dear friend Says:

    i willl miss you so much, Kay! your beautiful smile, your lovely voice, everything!!

    rest in peace, my dear poklat…. i know you’re in a much better place now.

  6. Noel Says:

    It was actually Ed’s birthday last Monday, Oct 1. And, I thought of greeting him but, procrastinated because of work =(

    I learned a lot while working with him. I worked closely with Ed CaƱizares a few years ago and we frequently get in touch by phone and TXT.

    Based on witness accounts, he confronted the other party and argued — that is likely of him, being an idealist. And, he didn’t fear death.

    I pray that his and Katherine’s family would survive this diffcult times. And, for them to remain strong in the months and years to come.

  7. sue Says:

    Hi there!

    Katherine’s companion’s name is Edgardo Canizares, we were schoolmates, I knew his sisters & youngest brother. He’s head of the IT department of PLDT.

    Take care & keep blogging.


  8. M Says:

    Her companion was Edgardo Canizares. I knew him, very well. But I cannot say what my relation is to him, because of the security of his family. Well, our family. I’m family, that’s all I can really say. He was a very good person, a good father. It really was a waste..

    The killer’s name is Manuel Hernandez. He just made bail last Oct. 5 because the double murder charges were changed to JUST double homicide. bullshit! that’s what it is! did he even think of the families of these two people? did he even think of what will happen to those waiting for them at home? even if he gets away with this, i’m suite hopeful that he will never again be able to sleep peacefully. he will never be again able to go out without feeling safe that someone might just be waiting around the corner..

    there is no justice for Manuel Hernandez! You are already dead inside!

  9. Ian matthew a narciso Says:

    Hi there i am the cousin of katrina/atch i will really miss her!! :(

  10. Beth Says:

    P.S. - To Judge Amelia Manalastas and Atty. Randy Esteban, the Fiscal incharge of the case - I have given the details to the attys and judges here in the states… they are completely surprise with your judgement and cannot comprehend how you came to that decision. They all feel that there was clear intent and treachery… and no matter what, this is a clear cut case of double murder.

    I pray for both of you since you are now as guilty as the shooter that pulled that trigger, Manuel Ocampo Hernandez! You are showing to all of us that you can be bought and should really not hold such a position! You should step down from being a judge! I hope you are also forgiven for the pain you have caused the families and the people concerned!

  11. jay Says:

    updated story on kay http://uw.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=95271

    her grandfather is a lawyer and president at angeles university so hopefully he can get justice for her. god bless you kay!

  12. klar Says:

    im not really sure who you are, but thank you for writing something about my achi. nung nalaman ko about the household help thing, i was so mad. isip ko agad, sa ganda ng kapatid ko, mukha ba un katulong?

    my achi’s happy now. that i am certain. i know she’s watching over my family and her friends. si achi pa. ever since then she’s been watching out for people she loves.

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  15. Max Says:

    Wasted Lives… thanks for this post!

  16. Brenda Says:

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