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Due to numerous car troubles, I haven’ driven myself anywhere for around… 4, 5 months? But today, my dear ol’ dad left the key inside the car, and since I was the only one left at home - I had to drive the spare key to the office. -_-;;

Mom: Your dad’s old. He forgot to get the key before leaving the car. At least he didn’t leave the engine running… but it’s only a matter of time, I tell you!!!

Me: Okay. So why’d you call me?

Mom: We need you to bring the spare key here. Blue car’s.

Me: But… Isn’t the blue car the only one I’m allowed to drive?

Mom: … In light of this circumstance, you have our permission to bring the small white car. Rather, it’s not like we have much of a choice, here.

Me: … Can’t he just pick the lock? He did it before. One must wonder why he’s so well versed in picking car locks, eh?

Mom: … We parked along the street. It’s a very busy street. It would look… very strange. I wonder too. But let’s leave your father’s… odd… hobbies alone, shall we? KEY. NOW.

Errr…. yeah. XD So anyway, I drove the white car… and I swear, I hate that thing!

Me: *LIGHTLY tapes accelerator*

Car: *vroom to 30kph*

Me: O_o;; *heart attack* WHAT??? I haven’t even fully released the clutch pedal yet!

… Within five seconds, AND still in first gear, the speed goes up to 60… For Philippine traffic, that is a Very Scary Thing. O_o And I’m used to the normal car… 100 kph in 3rd gear??? O_X!!! What in blazes???

5 Responses to “Driving…”

  1. merri Says:

    the car must be as shocked as you are lol hehehhehehe

  2. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Your dad knows how to pick the lock?! :| Woah.

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  4. Maggie Says:

    It was PRETTY GOOD!!!

  5. cards-for-fathers-day Says:

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