I love coffee, I love tea…
…and don’t forget the chocolate cake! :)

Surprise Despedida

Last (last)Saturday, Aug 4, we had a surprise despedida (going away party) for someone who was going to abandon us for the US of A. Problem: it was pot-luck, and no one confirmed what they’d bring. So, we panicked and went off that morning to buy groceries.

There were three of us. Gin, Meg, and I. We were supposed to cook the spaghetti ourselves, but Meg’s cook came along and saw Gin and I bumming on the couch, unable to get up… and Meg in one corner doing homework. Freakishly responsible as she is.

The couch when Gin I were through with it. It got worse after the second bum round.

Anywho, while waiting for six o’clock to come around, we decided to have apples. And the Camembert Cheese that we just had to buy that morning. And the chocolate pudding Gin brought.

In the picture, there’s only half of the C. Cheese… but that is a huuuge lie. We ended up eating the other half too. Not to mention started on the Blue Cheese. Those are four apples, by the way.

Okay. So, eventually we had to go to the party. The venue will remain undisclosed due to privacy reasons. Just look at the pretty pictures and wish the house were yours I know I do. Anyone who knows where it is, do not mention who owns it and where it is or I will set you on fire.

Such a nitpicky group of friends I have… we even had´┐Ża FA major arrange the colourful Puto (rice… cakes? rice bread?) on the plate…

Kons: No, don’t do it like that, it’s better if you move that to the middle.

KT: …

Gin: … I don’t care. It’s food. It’s destiny is to end up in our stomachs and melt in the acid, anyway. If we really had to, though, I trust KT more… she’s the FA major…

Kons: … you’re just mean to me because I’m the only guy… *fake sniff*

ICAns are very… vain. Case in point: the young ones discovered the gigantic mirror near the main door, and could barely be pulled away from it.

See? They’re just looking at themselves… O_o How… strange…

Eventually, we found out that our fear of no-one-bringing-food did not ring true. The problem is that everyone brought palabok. Imagine big buncha palaboks + pasta…

So… damage control… we ordered a bucket KFC. XD So we had some form of meat. Dessert = puto, chips, brownies, and leche flan. Not too bad, really.

AND~! what’s more… KT and Kons disappeared for a few moments to get cake! From Conti`s! <3

Huge cake = <3. Does the equally huge knife scare you? By the way… Bong, if you’re reading this, that’s the coke can you’re missing. Sadly, it’s been crushed and thrown into the trashbin. O_o

Lookie the cute cake cutters! That we gave up using in the end because the cake was too big for ‘em.

Before I forget… “Surprise Micca” master plan:

1. Cathy, who was with Micca, was supposed to get something from this house.

2. Cathy and Micca go upstairs to look for thing.

3. When Micca goes down, everyone’ll be in the living area, pretending to just be there, while someone pokes her and yells “Surprise!”, afterwhich everyone will yell it too.

…The thing is that we forgot that Micca’s denser than a rock…

Micca’s reaction upon seeing everyone: “Why are there so many people? OH WELL.” *heads for the door*

The rest of us: O_O WTF???

Me: *thwacks Micca* Oi! Don’t you realise that there are people here the owner doesn’t know??? And that you know everyone here? And that we don’t all know each other???

Micca: Oh, now that you mention it… *pause* So how’d they all end up here?

Everyone: TT__TT Micca, you slooow, sloooow person.

Someone (forgot who): *mortified voice* It’s supposed to be a surprise despedida!

Micca: Oh. *long pause* OH!

Everyone: Now you get it…

The saddest thing is that I’m not even exaggerating. O_o that really happened. Ah, Micca… I will miss your clueless-ness. Don’t leaaave uuus!

…After the not-so-brief moment wherein everyone shook their heads in exasperation, thwacked/poked Micca, and laughed at the weird-ness of the situation; we all settled down to eat.

We were supposed to stay in the garden, but the seeded rain put a great big hurdle to that plan. *sniff* But it’s so pretty…

Funny. Remember all those family reunions, and the entire “oldies table” and “kiddies table” thing?

The segragation was palpable. Notice the distance between the two tables. The problem is that we were all within half a decade of each other. Oh well. Micca pin-balled between the two tables.

Eventually, the kiddies left (all at the same time, actually), the oldies’ numbers dwindled, and it was time to retire to bed. Since Meg’s was closest to the venue, Gin and I slept over. Because Gin lives in Makati. And although I lived just (literally) down the hill from Meg’s… whenever I get home past a certain time, the household gets very reluctant to let me in. In other words, it takes around half an hour for them to open the gate to let me in.

We had to transfer Meg’s mattress to her brother’s room (brother = in Boston)… Gin and I saw the bed and decided to dump the mattress on top of it. High bed~! Yay!

Yes. We are overgrown children. XD We also have a shot where we’re touching Meg’s (very high) ceiling, but it’s in Gin’s camera and she’s been too lazy to send it/post it, so… yeah. I’m not tempting fate by waiting for Gin to send it. The computer might cease working by then.

Unfortunately, Meg gets quesy on extremely high beds, so Gin and I (very reluctantly!) had to put Meg’s mattress on the floor. Well. Not that all three of us fit very comfortably on the one mattress anyway. But… High bed! *sniff*

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