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Of Little Brothers and Dead Computers…

O_o I haven’t been online for four days… O_o Wow.

In any case, to cut a long story short, my computer got infected with a virus that makes it randomly hang/restart… and not work for around half an hour after.

Needless to say, it is very, very sad. Having it fixed this weekend, methinks I hope.

So. In any case… the pictures for the supposed Aug3 and Aug4 entries are in the dead computer, so I am currently unable to post them :( .

No pictures this post! :(

In other news, I need “Big-sistering 101″… O_o I just made my little brother cry. (Well, fine, it was my cousin and I, but still…) I wasn’t even scolding him or anything. O_o It just… happened. One moment we were talking, the next he was crying…

Cousin: *playfully pinches little brother*

Josh: Ow! *pouts and glares*

Me: O_o Don’t overreact… I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

Josh: It did!!! ‘Cause I’m fat and fat people hurt easier! You don’t know ’cause you’re not fat!

Me: … -_- That doesn’t quite follow…

Cousin: Don’t worry, I didn’t get it either.

Little brother: *grumbles* Maybe I should save a hundred dollars and go to Europe. And change my name to Bob.

Cousin and I (who honestly thought it was a joke): *burst into laughter*

Little brother: *pout-glares even more*

Me: O_o You were serious? USD100??? That’s not even enough for a trip to the local beach! And airline customs!

Cousin: And BOB??? *laughs some more*

Little brother: *Cries, drops his doughnut and storms off*

Cousin and I: O_o Okaay. Did we make him cry???

Okay. I wasn’t trying to make fun of him. I thought it was a joke… and when I figured he was serious, I was honestly incredulous. O_O AND… My little brother is in sixth grade… he’s old enough, isn’t he? Twelve… do kids still cry at the drop of a hat at that age…? When I was in sixth grade, I was doing payrolls for my mother… O_o Generation gap… Or is it the youngest kid syndrome? …Perhaps my little brother is just a little lot oversensitive?



Random note 1: Remember my Very Dead Phone? It’s been replaced! XD Yay for me! My eldest sister bought a new phone, so I’m using her old one. Not that the new-old-phone is strictly fully functional - but at least it’s not dead!

Random note 2: Samsung phones are weird. When your battery runs low, it vibrates AND beeps to tell you so. Like… every three minutes. So if you’re trying to conserve what little energy is left, all of the annoying vibration-warnings will eat it all up. O_x

2 Responses to “Of Little Brothers and Dead Computers…”

  1. superbong:hellokitty.com Says:

    haha! goodluck with…

    a. your brother… I hope he makes his trip… :))
    b. your phone… x.x
    c. your computer… sana fixed na siya talaga? lol

  2. Raein Says:

    The same brother who erased your post? Lol. Buti nga. Though I feel for him. :P Fat people hurt easy. Hey, I used to be fat :P

    I love Samsung XD Weird, though.

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