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Biased News


Fox News = Most Biased Ever. Worse than the local brand, even. O_o

Yesterday, 01 August 2007, 1600H (+8 GMT), there was a news report on a Connecticut rape/murder of a family. Apparently, the perpetrators are 2 guys that were given parole.

By the way, I’m only writing the gist of it — I was too busy to write it down word per word yesternight. I tried looking for the news in the Fox Official Website, but to no avail… :(

Newscaster: What I want to know is that why were these guys given parole? I mean, look at their rapsheets! Murder after rape, rape after theft… it’s obvious they’re going to do it again.

Me: O_o zomg.

Such bigots, I tell you. How can they say that in (inter)national television??? It’s just like saying
“drug rehab is useless” or “prison time is useless - they should all be killed so that they can’t do it again”.

In any case, they were basically dissing Senator Joseph Lieberman about it - not very effectively, though - they just kept rephrasing the abovementioned statement. -_-

Newscaster: Why were they given parole in the first place? Can’t the government do something about this injustice??? The government made a stupid decision and must now make amends. Who is responsible for this? Who can retract the parole order?

Lieberman: Well, the Governor has the power to give and retract parole orders. It’s up to her.

Newscaster: *long pause* *repeats above*

Cousin: Psh. They just don’t wanna slam her (M Jodi Rell) ’cause she’s republican.

Me: O_O!!!

… And I thought GMA and ABS-CBN were biased… O_o

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  1. superbong:hellokitty.com Says:

    hahaha! AMEN to it! O_o

  2. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    You go, paopei! FOX NEWS sucked that one time! :D


    on second thought…

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