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The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me… (Take Two!)

Alright. My little brother, bless his little soul, accidentally deleted the original post via Live Writer. TT__TT So… here it is (again) as best as I can remember…


Today (or rather yesterday - 26Jul07) my eldest sister (hereby labelled Achi or “A” for convenience) brought me to school… and here is what happened:

A:  Here, dearest sister, you can have this.

Me: !!! Simpson Doughnut! <3 … Tickeeeet! <3

A: *evil smile*

Me: But… wait… wasn’t opening yesterday? O_o *flips ticket and stares*

              *gasp* You watched without me!!!

A: *blinks innocently* Why yes, I did. And I want you to have that to remember your Simpsons-less Wedenesday by. Forever! Muahahahahah.

Me: *choked sob*


Well, fine… it didn’t go exactly like that, but… close enough.


And so, later on, I decided to question my second sister (hereby Dichi or “D”) regarding the unfairness-ness of my Simpsons-less state…


D: It was her consolation for her Misfortune Last Monday. Would you rather have had It happen to you just so you can get a ticket???

Me: …Well…

D: -_- …Don’t answer that. I forget that you’re not right in the head. Have I professed my unrelation to you recently?

Me: *feigns hurt* Your words wound me, I tell you.


The Pertinent Moments of the Misfortune of Last Monday as Experienced by Me


Bro: So… Achi brought the green car?

Me: Yes?

Bro: But… didn’t she switch cars with mom because the white one was going psycho?

Me: …Yeah?

Bro: …So she traded a problematic car for an even more problematic one…

Me: …Pretty much…

Bro: I bet the car’ll break down on her.

Me: I hope not. She’s going to Laguna^

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

Mom: The car broke down on your Achi.

Me: Ahia^ jinxed her!

Ten to Eleven PM

Mom: Why isn’t your sister home yet?

Me: No idea.

- Mom’s phone rings. Mom makes the regular grunts and yeah’s characteristic of most parent-child phone conversations -

*long silence*

Mom: Car broke down on your sister. Again. Along the South Luzon Expressway. In the middle of the road.

Me: Is anyone with her?

Mom: Nope. She’s alone.

Me: … How very Unlucky.

Mom: …Oh well. better her than us.

Me: O_o Mom! You’re a mom!

Mom: Yes, while I am indeed undisputably a mom, I have not yet lost my common sense and practicality. Muahahahah.

Me: O_O!


^Laguna = Very Far. And somewhere along the South Luzon Expressway, there are no gasoline stations or such for a mile or so plus you’re all alone (with the exception of cars speeding by every once in a while). O_o Also, the reception of my eldest sister’s mobile network provider isn’t very good.

^Ahia: eldest brother


As you can see, the insanity runs in the family. So does the sadism. And a lot of other not-quite-good things.


For the curious, this is what the Simpsons Ticket looks like inside:


First, D watches the Ratatouille premiere. And then A watches the closed screening of The Simpsons Movie. Both occur without me. Whatever happened to the whole “cartoons are for the younger ones” thing my dad keeps going on about? TT__TT


….. If anyone manages to retrieve the original, I shall be eternally grateful.

8 Responses to “The Doughnut My Sister Gave Me… (Take Two!)”

  1. Spellbinder Says:

    *points at paopei*


  2. javajive:hellokitty.com Says:

    Harrell! Your not allowed to laugh at my pain! XD Hahah. Unless I’m laughing with you. Which I half am and half am not. :P

  3. Merri Says:

    awwwwwwwww…don’t worry, let’s watch the simpsons together with kor!!! you have the doughnot so now you just need the movie…and and poor achi *pats paopei*

  4. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Hahaha! That’s so funny! :P Poor you! Hahaha!:)) And the ticket is cute! :D I wanna watch Ratatouille too!!! :P

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