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Globe Load Scammers

July 3rd, 2009 by javajive:hellokitty.com

So. +639172486612. If you happen to be my friend that’s just messing around, you’d better tell me soon.

Yes, this is a (semi) hate blog. Because really. People who try to cheat others waaay do not deserve respect.

If anyone knows this person, tell me. I REALLY want to have a nice long chat with her. I know it’s a her because in my irritation, I called. (I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she could tell me the number she was supposed to send load to, and it was close to mine, I MIGHT have considered it.) She picked up, the idiot. And pretended she could not hear me. Then turned her phone off for the rest of the afternoon. I hope she missed a lot of important calls.

ANYWAY! Here’s what happened:

1) Around 1pm today, I received a message from this girl (09172488612), stating “1/2 You have just been loaded P150 by 09172488612. P150 load will expire in 18 day(s). Trace#78137716…..”  Blah blah.

2) Soon after, she sent me a message saying “Nku nwrng send po ako, bka po pwd pki resend nyo..pls po” (Sorry I sent load to the wrong number. Maybe you can resend it to me. Please)


1) Globe sends an automated message. Not the number that sent (2916, I believe)

2) IF, by some chance I just didn’t receive the message from 2916, and she forwarded me the message to be sure… the forwarded message should read “You transferred P150 load to 0917xxxxxxx. P1 fee for this transaction. Trace#78137716….” blah. Also, I sent load to someone today and the trace # had nine numerals, but I’m not sure if that’s standardized

3) … Lady, I’m postpaid. Do your homework before you try scamming someone, will you? Globe has a freakishly easy code for postpaid vs prepaid numbers.

GUYS, DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS. I realised afterwards what if someone’s in a hurry, one might not notice that the loaded thing came from a mobile number and not a globe automated one. I mean, fine, it’s possible that someone missent load… but still. Be careful.

+639172486612. Beware.

The True Obstruction of Justice

April 17th, 2009 by javajive:hellokitty.com

OH. MY. GOD. I’ve been watching Bandila tonight, and seeing how our esteemed policemen handled (and handles) things absolutely DISGUSTED me. If I were to be killed by a murderer, I beg everyone not to let the fools investigate my case. I’d rather die without my killer getting caught rather than have them harass the people I care for!

It’s absolutely disgusting! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? For eff’s sake, what happened to basic human rights??? The police, so self-important, deign to ignore the very laws they are supposed to enforce.

Dragging people away without warrants, throwing out “obstruction of justice” everywhere to justify their inhumane treatment of those people… Forcibly detaining them without warrants of arrest or any case or any reason above either a) certain payment or b) their belief in themselves stemming from watching one too many bad police movies. Just because you wear the uniform, dears, does not mean you’re above other people, above the law.

It’s disgusting. In this case, it’s so obvious how undertrained, under skilled (and on) our police force is. The problem is that they’re given power through guns and uniform, and their hapless victims are rendered defenceless. It’s a good thing this was so much under media scrutiny. Imagine how many people were not able to defend themselves because of the lack of record of harassment?

Imagine! Abducting people in front of a lawyer, ignoring her statements of their unlawful treatment of the helpers straight out! This girl’s been studying the laws for years! Can these policemen state TEN??? Obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice… I’d like to see a dozen of them that can define and explain that term without looking at a reference. And here’s an example of their justification of taking the driver… ‘We took him because he drove them to new era. And cleaned the car.’ – well duh, he’s a driver. It’s his job. So, maybe you wanted to look at the blood stains or whatnot, but dude they have no idea. I can understand that you take everyone for suspects, but that’s no excuse to treat them like dirt! Like they’ve really done it!

I can’t imagine what Ted Failon’s family must be going through. For Trina’s sisters, finding out your sister was in critical condition, wanting to be by her side at her final moments, to be dragged away from her at her worst hours and then finding out in (unjust) detainment that she died without you there.

For her husband and children, to suffer a wife and mother’s critical condition and subsequent death without the help of other family because of the inexcusable actions of supposed authority. I call them supposed because I don’t think they deserve it. To see her die without her complete family, to lose such a precious one while being continually harassed and disrespected (and on) by the very people that are supposed to help.

What hope is there for us of justice, if this is how the stewards of justice handle it?

I live!!!

December 30th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com

So, once again my blog has been neglected. Hmmm. I seem to remember typing up a few drafts, but I never got to post them, and now they’re all gone forever. :P Oh well.

One of my cousins is leaving the country tomorrow, so we had an early-new-year-slash-late-christmas dinner at their place. Since I am both very bored and feeling sorry for my blog, I shall write about random moments with my extended family (mom’s side).


Moment # 1 :

(during dinner)

Me: *eats peacefully*

LittleBoyCousin: *suddenly hops around across the table* “Help meee! Help meee!”

Me: “Eh? Help what? Help how? Huh?” *is utterly confuzed*

OtherCousins: *laughs really hard*

Me: “What? What? Whaaat?”

LittleBoyCousin: *continues to hop around helplessly* Help meeee!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeelp!

OtherCousins: *still laughing*

Me: Tell me why you are laughing children or I shall eat you! Muahahahah! Errr…. *cough* *still confused*

LittleBoyCousin: *hops around the corner to my side of the table* “Heeelp!” *looks imploringly at the nearest non-laughing cousin, namely me*

Me: *sees checkered shorts* “Huh? I don’t get it… and weren’t you wearing jeans?”

OtherCousins: *laugh harder*

Me: *blinks, sees LittleBoyCousin’s feet… with jeans around his ankles. Starts laughing as well. Tries to help but can’t stand from laughing*

LittleBoyCousin: *pout* HEEEELP!!! MOMMYYY!   *hops off to his mom*


Moment # 2 :

BabyCousin: *jumps* “Look! I’m flying! I’m flying!”

Me: awwwyoucuteliddlebabehsocutiewutieoooooo   “Wanna fly higher, Angel? Come, let’s fly higher” *lifts baby and runs around room with her*

BabyCousin: *laughs, reaches for door*

Me:  “Oh, you wanna touch the top? Okay, let’s go!” *jogs to door*

BabyCousin: *silence*

Me: *looks up*

BabyCousin: *stares at top of door, reaches up*

Me: “… oops…”

BabyCousin: “Door? Can’t reach…” *tries harder*


Moment # 3:

(Final picture taking before people start leaving for home)

ExtendedFamily: *squishes together and poses*

Cousinsofcousins: *takes lotsa consecutive pictures*

ExtendedFamily: *smiles, laughs*

Aunt#1: “Everyone smiling? Wow that’s a lot of pictures! Okay, one, two…”

Cousinsofcousins: *laughs, continues clicking away*

Aunt#1: *pops party popper* + Cousinsofcousins: *stops taking photos*

Everyone: *blinks* “Err…” *confused* “Weren’t we supposed to have/take photos with confetti in the air?” *pause* *shrug* *more pictures are taken*


And there we go! I shall stop at three because it’s a nice number! Heheh.

Tint = Mirrors? NO. O_o

May 21st, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com


After spending 2 straight days in the house, I decided that I just HAD TO go out. Somewhere. Anywhere. BUT, since I didn’t want to spend, my choices became quite limited, and I ended up going to UP Diliman. Well, fine, so I really had to go there anyway, but still… Over yonder, I met up with a friend… and we discovered that one of my bosses is her mom’s friend’s grandchild… or something of the sort. Small world and all that and eventually we found ourselves driving on to Ateneo de Manila to watch a game between their Church and, well, another Church. (Vicariate vs Vicariate, actually, but Church is so much easier)

ANYWAY, after a while, Patti’s poor little brother started getting tired, and, armed with his mothers phone-instructions to get him away from the noise and have him rest, we brought him to my car in an attempt to make him sleep. We failed, of course. In fact, we think he got even more bouncy when we took him away. But what Tita Lea doesn’t know won’t hurt her.


Cute little bugger, aint he? That was, folks, taken in the only five seconds (approximately) he wasn’t hopping around the car. I’m surprised the car didn’t turn over or something.

So we were there, tiredly entertaining the little boy, when suddenly…

Patti: Pao, there’s this guy cleaning his face on my window.

Me: *fiddles with phone* Psh, stop kidding. The engine’s running. He can’t possibly not notice the car’s occupied.

Patti: *insistently* but he IS

Me: *sighs and turns around indulgently* *is shocked*

Patti, Little Boy, and Me: *bursts into uncontrollable fits of laughter*

Patti: Oh *laugh* god, I hope *chortle* he *giggle* doesn’t pick his nose *wheeze* or something…

Me: *chokes, fumbles for camphone*

The guy was making such strange and funny faces, I swear. I got my phone halfway through his second-to-the-last contorted face, but I figured taking a picture of that was too cruel. *ahem*NO, it was not just because Iwasjusttoobusylaughingtotakeashot*whistles innocently*

And lo and behold, when he finally moves on, and the three of us in the car were struggling to catch our breaths…


He does it again to the next car in the parallel-parked-line. Ah, I’m surprised we didn’t rupture anything from laughing so much.

For people out there who use car tints for mirrors (like this guy wiping his face/picking his teeth/etc) PLEASE at least make sure there’s no one in the car. It can be very embarrassing for you. I had half the mind to "accidentally" roll down my window just to watch him wither with mortification. Others may not be as considerate.

And it gets more pointless…

May 9th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com


Really, my entries are. XD In any case, this will be very short. At least IF until I get un-hyper enough to think in terms human beings can understand…

Speed Racer is <3. So much <3. It’s really too bad that they didn’t play the original theme song though. And that Racer X never admits the truth here… in the cartoon he did, right? Well, as far as I remember he did… O_o OR did I just imagine that when I was a kid. Oh well.

SPEED RACER IS STILL <3! ((and the colours are bound to make you go insanely hyper. <3 <3 <3))

EDIT#01 - 09 May 2008 - +0800 GMT

I want to watch it on imax! 8D All the colours and layering in 3D! Omg, I’m getting giddy at the very THOUGHT of it! <3


April 16th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com


I have no words to describe what you will find in the link below…

Link to wtf?!psychotic comic, "Let’s Bible"

WARNING! Brain power will suffer. Very much.


** Link sent to me by a friend

Cloud Vol. 1!

March 27th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com

Random post of joy!

So… Final Fantasy 7 was one of the first two RPG’s I’ve ever played. The other one would be Genso Suikoden 2. (Okay, so there was Pokemon and such before that, but… that’s Pokemon and these are RPG’s… Gah, it’s hard to explain) Probably because of this, these two games are part of my list all-time favourites (the list includes a LOT of squaresoft-turned-squareenix games). I was very, very sad that GS2 never really achieved enough fame to start its own franchise (indeed, it has been forgotten even by supposed GS-series fanatics)… and very, very glad FF7 managed to live on a decade later.

Of course, I couldn’t exactly spend on this love the way I wanted to (*cough*adventpieces+ccspecialeditonpsp+10thannivpotion+etc*cough*), so I usually contented myself with online previews rips/scans/detailedpics and such.

But.. but…. my friend took a short vacation in Xiamen, China, and got me Cloud Vol. 1!!! An actual one! Not virtual! *is hyper* Well, seeing as it came from China, it’s completely in Chinese… but STILL! Cloud Vol. 1! :DDDDDD

… aaand… that’s all. <3 *can’t think beyond the joy of Cloud Vol. 1*



Everyone, meet my Cloud Vol. 1! Say hi! Now! XD

*skips away happily*

Random Babbles XD

March 12th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com

New electronics make me hyper high. There was the nds of my little brother, which I kept smiling at… the psp I got, which I kept patting affectionately, various things here and there that friends and family got that I poked and prodded happily like when I poke my baby cousin’s cheeks, and now there’s the new computer monitor…

Me: *walks up the stairs to my brother’s room, where the computer is* New thing! I smell new electronic thing~! <3

Mom: *hears me from room* New monitor, finally.

Me: *walks into room* Yay! After months of it fritzing on us! :DDD

Mom: *nods and continues watching her soaps*

- Hours later -

Mom: How long are you going to take? I need to check office things and read random forums and info and fanworks on my soaps… heheheh.

Me: NOOO! *clings to monitor* You can’t make me leave it… *takes really long whiff of the monitor*

Mom: …

Me: *still clinging and whiffing*

Mom: … Young lady, you know you’re not allowed to get high inside the house!

Me: *sob*

Err. Yeah. XD Have I scared everyone off now?


My eldest sister sends the weirdest text messages ever. Well, we all do. But this one ranks so high in the weird scale that I felt the compelling need to share.

Message from Atsi: High point of my day. I just saw a lawyer in his 60’s in a mohawk. How weird is that?

Me: O_o


Random moment of the week:

Friend: Paooooo! *grabs my hand*

Me: …?

Friend: The weather’s really hot.

Me: … and…?

Friend: Your hands are usually cold.

Me: What am I, your living air-conditioner?

Friend: Hey, if the glove fits…

Me: …

Friend: …

Me: Well, you know what they say. Cold hands, warm heart.

Friend: *chokes on spit* WARM HEART???

Me: …

Friend: *laughs uncontrollably*

Me: … -_- How can you be reacting like that when you’re using me as a convenient temperature regulator?

Friend: Man, the guy who made that up is one poor sod.

Me: … Anything I say or do shall be taken against me in the court of your mind. So I shall keep my peace. Even if I want to thwack you. HARD.

Friend: *still laughing* I mean, seriously! He probably died without realizing the true evil of his cold-handed friend! *bursts into new, livelier, set of laughs*

Me: … Sheesh. Get over it already. May you suffocate in your laughter.

So mean, that friend is. TT__TT

EDIT: I just drank 1.5 litres of coke zero… and am now drinking regular coke. … all ’cause I was too busy to get up to grab a pitcher of water. Hahahahah. O_x So much for getting any sleep anytime soon…

Transport Strike 11 March

March 11th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com

A few days ago there was news of a transport strike scheduled for today, 11 March 2008. But last night, when I was working on a paper and wondering if I could put it off for another day because I am the master of schoolwork procrastination, classes were announced to be NOT suspended by DepEd. That crushed my hopes of classes-less-ness quite promptly, mind you, seeing as DepEd’s in charge of grade school and high school. I mean, if the kiddies had to go, what more us poor overworked university students? But, being the stubborn and procrastinating person that I am, I called UPD (632 9818500) anyway…

Phone rings. Automated answering thing. Press 0 for operator.

Operator: University of the Phili -

Me (typing away for paper): Hi! Are there classes tomorrow?

Operator: … I’m sorry, but UP doesn’t announce in adva -

Me: So I’ll call tomorrow morning? What time?

Operator: Around eight to -

Me: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

I pity operators that have to deal with me. I have this irrational fear of them, you see, so my conversations with operators often include a lot of hurrying and butting in except for deliveries because it’s FOOD and food gives me power. Lol.

Well, since classes were not suspended as of the wee hours, I figured I should finish my homework, so I did. But of course, I still didn’t want to go to school, so…


Me: *stares at clock* Too early to call… Rar. *plays PSP*


Me: STILL too early. *checks if there’s food*


Me: Okay. Just a LITTLE more.


Me: Classes start 8:30… I should be getting ready… *long pause* But hey, CMC is never on time. *turns on computer* It won’t kill me to be late just once… *sweats nervously* Late… late… GAH! I so can be late! *ignores the twitchy urge to hurry to school*

/7:20am… ish/

Me: Oh, I’m not logged in on y!m… *logs in*

-Patrick’s window pops out-

-Pat: Is there school today?-

-Me: No idea-

-Pat: :/-

Me: *stares at phone* 8am… 8am……….. 7:30’s close enough… *picks up phone, calls UP again*

Operator: University of the Phi -

Me: Hi, are there cla -

-Pat: PAO! No school! Bong got to school already and USC said no classes!-

Operator: No the -

Me: Okaynevermindbyethanks.

Poor, poor operators. I feel rude now. Hahah. Oh well. In any case, thank god for tardy CMC profs omg did I just say thank god for tardy people? O_o or else Id’ve gone to UP and possibly been stranded there for nothing. (Since I was scheduled to commute or find a ride home that day, and transport strike = O_x. My ultimate back-up was to walk to Ateneo and hitch a ride. Lol.)

The point of this post: Nothing. I just wanted to share the great joy brought about by class suspension. Wheee~!

In other news, I really can’t believe I have, in my hands, FINISHED homework three days before submission, now that classes are suspended… O_o


EDIT: O_o AFP calls it "transport holiday" wtf?

Surprising Discoveries…

March 6th, 2008 by javajive:hellokitty.com

I don’t usually read forwards. In fact, I dislike them so much that I usually just delete all of them. However, when I opened my mail today, I saw a forward from my sister about Jun Lozada, and really, how could I resist? After all, a political forward from a Political Science Bachelor was bound to be interesting. I don’t regret reading the mail one bit - the article attached just made complete sense to me. It’s like finding a gem in a sea of rocks, really - found randomly and a totally unexpected but definitely pleasant surprise.

And, like what my sister said in the message that came with this article… I’m not imposing this belief on anyone. I just think it’s an excellent thing to share.

(Taken directly from Raz Dela Torre’s Multiply blog, linked through title)

Clarissa Ocampo versus Jun Lozada


Here’s why I’m not quite stirred by the political hooplah involving star whistleblower Jun Lozada:

I hate any form of grandstanding.

I acknowledge that Jun Lozada is on the side of truth. What I don’t appreciate how he keeps on appealing to emotion and popularity. Self-references as a mere “probinsyanong intsik.” Engaging in an interview on national television dressed in an undergarment then calling attention to how meekly he is dressed compared to the uniformed people with whom he is engaged in a debate. Declaring statements inflamed with self-importance, like “I didn’t know my coming out to tell the truth will save the country’s soul.” Doing rounds, making appearances, delivering speeches, and quoting Jose Rizal in interviews and opportunely referring to the national hero as his idol.

I am tempted to call them stunts, but I don’t want to be unfair to Mr. Lozada. Having said that, it’s hard to not suspect him of consciously doing these things with the intention to efface himself. In an instant, Mr. Lozada morphed from a sniveling witness to a master showman wielding humor and self-deprecating comments to capitalize on public sentiment anxious for change. In my eyes, that’s what spells the difference between genuine and false humility.

This is where Clarissa Ocampo comes in.

Miss Ocampo came out as a witness because she was privy to something important. She simply had something to say, so she came forth, said it, and left the people to weigh her revelations on their own. And that was it. Clarissa Ocampo wasn’t all over the place campaigning for public support like Lozada does nowadays. I seem to remember her indulging requests for appearances but not in a manner that sought recognition as a hero or a savior. Not the way Lozada strikes me. His actions reek of an agenda to hoist himself onto a moral pedestal to earn credibility for his testimonies.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in what Lozada says. I believe that the ZTE deal was anomalous, that Abalos was out to protect his PhP130M commission, that his escort out of the NAIA airport was an attempt to keep him out of the Senate’s reach (though I wouldn’t really join in calling it “kidnapping” ). I believe in the value of Lozada’s testimony and how crucial it is in ridding our country of this culture of corruption.

Even so, I believe a careful scrutiny of the messenger is still in order. No, I am not out to shoot Lozada, but neither will I blindly follow the call of Lozada, Joey de Venecia and those from the opposition whose motives are unclear and possibly mixed with selfish ones. Greed, as generally recognized, is the root of corruption. This is why a whiff of greed evokes extraordinary discretion on my part, enough to keep me in the sidelines, far from the hysteria in Binay’s front yard.

What I advocate is a fair assessment of the veracity of these witnesses’ revelations, and a resort to the appropriate legal action that conforms to the rule of law. Yes, people power has been ensconced in the constitution, but so were other legal remedies such as “impeachment. ” The political minority and other interest groups lobby for a street protest saying that the administration control of the congress makes it impossible for the a proper resolution of this controversy. So when will an impeachment, as provided in the constitution, be the proper recourse? When it’s convenient for them? Perhaps what they really want is for work to be cut out for them.

I continue to believe in the spirit of EDSA Dos and am grateful that it resulted in the ouster of former President Joseph Estrada. And yes, I believe that President Gloria Arroyo is much better president than he was, though she’s obviously far from perfect. But like before, I still would’ve preferred the impeachment proceeding to an extrajudicial ouster of Estrada. I welcome the windfall of our mass protest in 2001 but admit that it was essentially a shortcut. That we allowed it then, I believe, is what drives certain politicians now to clamor for a wrest of power from the present government.

It’s not simply about lack of an alternative to a present evil, but a refusal to be manipulated by another one.

I was already made into a pawn when I participated in EDSA Dos. I’m not falling for that again. Fool me twice, shame on me. It would take much more than people with shady credentials and blatant agenda to coax me into heeding a call that could ultimately sweep someone else less deserving and more deleterious into power.

Thank you, Mr. Lozada, for telling us what you know. You have definitely earned your place in history. But can you please stop with the antics now?

(End Entry)

Hmm… I disappear again and then now I pop up out of nowhere armed with a serious and political? post. Tsk. >.> *studiously looks for something light-hearted to blog about to make up for this fact* 

And because I’m feeling strangely opinionated right now, I’ll end this with a quote: “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity” - Andre Gide

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