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Playground Magazine

Yesterday, me and my friends were invited by one of the newest gaming magazine in the Philippines on why we all liked to play Tekken. At first I wasn’t really planning to go there, but as support to our group and also to be included in the group photo that maybe posted in the magazine, I decided to go anyway.

After some of my friends were interviewed, I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed also, since they were choosing who to interview randomly, but lucky me. :D They asked a couple of questions, but the first one was the most important, why Tekken? Even though I was expecting that question, my mind went blank and the only thing that popped out of my head was one word, and it made my answer very simple, but I think my answer would be similar with my friends………the game is just so COOL.

After the interview we played some games (courtesy of Playground Magazine) and had some pictures, hopefully it will be posted in the magazine. Thanks to Playground Magazine for giving us this opportunity.

If you want to know more about Playground Magazine, here’s their Multiply site.

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