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Mouth Sore

Kyle has been absent for a week just because of a mouth sore (singaw). He also hasn’t eaten rice for a week, just some instant noodles, pancit canton and chocolate milk. We went to the Pediatrician and he said that this is normal when a kid is having adult teeth. After the pediatrician, we also consulted with an EENT doctor. The doctor said to give Kyle Amoxicillin and Benzydamine mouth wash. The Amoxicillin was ok, but the mouth wash gave Kyle a hard time. He really didn’t want to use it. He said that it hurts his mouth more. When Kyle has fever or cough, it wasn’t this hard. This simple mouth sore is so troublesome. Arrrrrrggggh!!!!

Sigh…………… o well, I just hope Kyle will get well soon. He has missed a lot in school. He needs to catch up with his studies.

3 Responses to “Mouth Sore”

  1. Fairlady-Z Says:

    That’s one troublesome mouth sore. Btw, instant noodles are bad for the body. @_@ If you have time, it’s better to give home cooked soft food or soup.

  2. Says:

    absent for a week cause of a mouth sore? :/ how bothersome *_*;;

  3. kilawinguwak Says:

    wow. maybe the mouthwash doesn’t really hurt him, but he just doesn’t like the taste?

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