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Happy Bday Jared Kyle

Yesterday was my son’s Birthday. We haven’t officially celebrated his birthday cause his lola is still in the province, and we’re still waiting for her. I bought a chocolate cake cause Kyle requested it. My gift was an air hockey, which made my wallet empty.

I’ll post some pictures/videos in the future of them playing the toy. For now here are some pictures of Kyle and his cake.

Harry Potter fan!!!

5 Responses to “Happy Bday Jared Kyle”

  1. admin Says:

    Happy birthday to your son.:)

  2. admin Says:

    Happy birthday to your son.:)

  3. Says:

    He’s such an adorable kid! :3 He’s gonna grow up to be a really attractive boy! :)

  4. Says:

    @amethyst_lover: I really hope so also :) Thanks for the greetings

  5. Says:

    happy bday kyle! :)

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