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HKO: Guild & Friends

Besides GMs, the next thing you will need when you encounter problem in HKO isn’t an encyclopedia, but a group of friends within a guild. What’s the point of playing an online game with nobody to talk to? If you have been playing HKO and have not chatted with anyone yet, start making friends today, you solo guy/girl! Better still, find a guild to join, EvilGenius and other guilds will be more than happy to have you.

Tips & Hints:

  1. To add a friend, press F and click on the add player to buddy list. Type in the player’s name who you want to add and click the tick icon.
  2. When you add someone, he/she will appear in your friendlist, but be advised that they won’t get a notification and your name DOES NOT appear in their friendlist until they add you. That means it is just for your list and not a mutual interaction.
  3. Joining a guild is easy, ask around and listen to what the experienced guild players have to say about each popular guild. There are guilds which are popular for their kindness and politeness; There are also guilds infamous for their misbehavious and arrogance. So choose wisely!
  4. After knowing which guild suit your taste the best, look for any player that is within the guild you’re looking for. Kindly ask them if they or their guild’s superiors can invite you in. If you received an invitation, congrats!
  5. There is NO guild war in HKO, but being in guild merely means that you are in a 24/7 chat channel with your friends and no party is needed at all. You can chit-chat with them about anything and everything, ask for help, and more!

SPOOKY, off to chat with guildies~

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