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HKO: Game Masters (GMs)

Mwahahaha, last few days of our Project HKO. It has been great! So who do you find when you have troubles and enquiries when we close the blog later? The HKO Game Masters of course. How to identify if someone is a GM? You don’t want to get conned, do you?

 HKO Gams Master

Tips & Hints:

  1. If you encounter problem(s) or found a game bug when playing, contact a GM and they will help you.
  2. Wait for the GM to response to your PM, as sometimes they will be AFK or busy with something, so be patient..
  3. All GMs have a prefix in their character’s name, for instance, GM-Name. So it is easy to recognize them, make sure you include “GM-” infront of their name when trying to PM them.
  4. NOT all GMs are in the guild of Game Master, it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t a GM if his/her guild is not <Game Master>. Please take note of this.
  5. GMs usually have special avatar items that are NOT common in-game or NOT available in the item mall. However, some of them don’t wear so much of those and tend to be showing off less..
  6. Even if you have questions on quests, you may ask a GM, they will be kind enough to assist you with answers, but do not ask them to give you the items requested. Don’t beg for items, remember that.

List of Game Masters (incomplete):

  • GM-Azrael
  • GM-Xachary
  • GM-Galatea
  • GM-Ben
  • GM-Red
  • GM-Plutonium
  • GM-Moonstone (Dream Carnival)
  • GM-Sphinx (Dream Carnival)
  • GM-Krypton (Dream Carnival)

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