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Hey! Sorry about not posting lately. Is it me or am I lazy =.= sorry yes, im lazy *yawns* it’s 9:44 and yes im still awake. Ive been on gaia all night i want more money so bad! gold i mean and real money would be nice too :3 So anyways I went to Super H mart. Only for a little but :( but i’m going back i didn’t get to the toy section :D yes im 12 and i play with toys :3 but not like barbie like hello kitty figures and stuff like that :P So i got some candy and here it is!!!
Okay first is strawberry chacolate stick thingy mc jiggers
SOOOOOO good and yes there in my tummy right now ;3
Now I have mini ones!!! Sooooo nummy :P
Now I have some nummy frutie tutie candies :D sooo many candies soooo little time to eat them :P (ah ha im such a dork)
Yummahhhhh now some GUM back words??? yes it is because it’s a web cam (ah ha) And YES it is japanese (:D
Now heres a group pic! @.@ *drolls*
Thats it :D I’m going back…………….soon……*sweat drop*….urrrr….bye!?
Have a sweet day! (wow im so corny) And oh yeah…keep visitin….plz…. :3

YAYAYAYAY! Guess what???? I went to the japanese store today! I tryed my best not to spend that much money but i couldn’t help it :) Heres what i got…..
Lucky star pin! ^.^ Also sorry for the fuzzy picture O.O It’s my web cam XD
HARD CANDIES!!!1!!! YAY! I got 10 (in counting) Mmmmm….The badtz maru cola is my favorite!
Pudding Picnic pencil case! It’s uber thin wich I like! It’s very handy! I can fit it in my purse and not take up all of the space! (not like my other pencil case) It’s also a cute color!!! 0_n So….I spent…
$4.00……pencil case
$1.25…..hard candies
$6.25! Not to bad! BTW did you see my shirt (or at least the sleve)
Hello kitty! It’s actually a night gown! (its 9:09) I didn’t get it today though! Well..have a great day i mean night!!! Hehe! And keep on visiting the…banner.gif

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