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LOOKIES :D IT’S SO EPICLY AWESOME! I made my own gifs!
Mocha and cinnamoroll XD and a LATTE ONE!
From my cinnamoroll character cinnamonerds :3
Im so talented LOL JK I’ll make more so keep on visitin the….banner.gif

Hi again! I finished brb1006’s request drawing and here it is!!!
It’s mocha holding a heart and winking! Like it??? I’ll draw anything if you request it you can request by….

A. Comment on any post or video asking me


B. E-mail me any time askin me

So have a GR8 day and keep on visiting the GR8

Hello guys!!! Do you like cinnamoroll? Coloring? Free stuff? If you said yes to all of those your gonna love what im about to say……for free, you can have a cinnamoroll coloring book to print pics by me!
Okay so here’s what yeah gotta do……
Got it??? Okay so have a GR8 time coloring! PS I drew latte on one of them! I hope you like them i worked super hard on them!!! Oh yes I almost for got….more-words.jpg
Yes I will! I’ll tell you when new ones are up. Okay got it? Good :) Before you go and star printing and coloring here is a sample
Like it? It’s my mocha page :3 okay so..
Have a colorful day and keep on visiting the…banner.gif

Happy belated birthday hello kitty!!!! I love you soooooo much!!! XOXOXOXOXO
Hugs and kisses for my favorite kitty!!!
Have a GR8 day and keep on visiting the…banner.gif

Boo!!!! Did I scare you??? Probably not…….*sweat drop* Who cares! It’s halloween! I can’t wait to go trick or treating! Yummy candies!!!! I LOVE CANDY! My favorite is taffy! Im hoping many people will give out taffy this year! Also I love when old people give out quarters!!! *smiles* I hate when people give out apples or baked chips >:P Yuck! Besides candy,….my favorite thing about halloween is….COSTUMES!!!! I looooove dressing up and guess who I am!……
SAILOR MOON!!!! It’s my FIRST cosplay! :D
Here’s a better picture for the top :) And for all of my candy I have this!…….photo-on-2010-10-31-at-1558.jpg
And yes, it IS HOME MADE. I didn’t buy it because they were 50-120$ WOW! So I made it. :) (mostly my mom did) ;) My friend is being a cheerleader and my other friend is being ichigo from tokyo mew mew! (she’s lucky she bought her costume) >:0 …..hey i wonder what cinnamon and mocha are being for halloween….???? I’ll just ask!
****************************2 phone calls later**************************
AW! *fangirl squeals* Cinnamon is cosplaying tamaki!!!! From ouran high school host club! cinnamorolls-halloween-costume.png
He looks so lovely! And he’s offering you a rose! *checks blushing* Aw! My 2 favorite men! And mocha’s cosplaying…..HASTUNE MIKU! SOOOO KAWAII!
Mocha looks exactly like her. But she probably cant sing as good! ;P Don’t they look cute!? Oh yes! I almost for got! Guess who’s Birthday it is….
Kuromi! She has such a dazzling, Beautiful ,and lovely dress! I bet she wants black notes for her birthday! :) Also no my melody :D or Uta or Miki…(it goes on and on) LOL XD Okay so……uhhhh…I’ll post some more picz later so uhhh…bye! HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE…..banner.gif

Boo!!! Did i scare you?!?! XD (probably not) guess what………
Halloween is in one day!!!! HURRAY! I cant wait to ware my sailor moon costume! Also I’m gonna use my cinnamoroll pillow case for my candy! And for a special birthday treat for my stuffed kuromi, I’m gonna let her sit in my pillow case swimming around in the candy :P Yes, I know she’s not alive (sadly) but i just love celebrating sanrio characters b-days! Last year (before had cinnablog) I actually decorated the house for cinnamoroll’s birthday! (i was like 9) My sister let me use her “easy bake” to make him a cupcake!!! Cinnamoroll loved it! :P Also I took my kuromi plushie to lunch yesterday! LOL! Only the anime group knew why i brought kuromi and who she is! XD XP X) I also made her a early b-day card! It’s her waring a rainbow hood! She sooooo needs a new hood that black one s getting sooooo old. TE-HE
Do you like it?! It took me like 45 minutes @_@ you have no idea (*_*) LOL Just kidding it took me like 15 minutes! XD! I love drawing! Another thing i oficaly like is SCARY HOUSES! I LOOOOVVEEE them! At first i was soooo scared 26822176.gif
But I came out laughing!It was really cool!!! They had flashing lights and everything looked like a stop motion! And there were so many kuru rooms! My favorite was the creepy clown room :) It was awesome! It wasn’t all that scary but one of the rooms were! It was like a butcher shop (o_o) The whole time I was closing my eyes! But my sister didnt and she was SOOOOO scared! The people grabed ker ankle and she was like….post-6282-1174529229.gif
AHHHHH!!!! I thought she was gonna kick him! That was the only room i didnt like! The rest was awesome! It felt like kuromi just opened my BAD dream door LOL So uhhh i really dont know what else to say so….BYE!!!

Hi again! I drew ruby on paint brush! It was pretty hard. I think it came out bad D: But it is my first time drawing jewel pet on paintbrush it’s a little shakie but cute! Right? pixel-23.gif
Here it is! (i almost forgot to post it)
Like it?40.gif
I just love paint brush ca_wink_2010.gifth_cn_msn_blink.gif Bye! XO XO XO

Hurray! Halloween is in 2 days! I can’t wait! It’s also kuromi’s B-day! How old is kuromi anyways?…….?????? I dont know! ^U^ So anyways for halloween I’m cosplaying sailor moon! Wah-hoo! I’m probably gonna show you my costume uhhh IDK but sooner or later :) I still need to add the bows and thats it! It’s coming out really kuru! (kuru is cool in japanese) I’m using sparkly satin fabric *@U@* (soooo shiny :o ) Also BTW this is SOOOOOOOO random but my friend taught me how to make a fat person….ok here it iz…. 8D)) Do you see it?? The ((( are it’s chins! HAHAHAHA! Isnt that awesomly stupid!!! WOW im getting off topic thats okay right??? …..*sweat drop* Okay so I better stop saying some random things no one cares about so…..BYE! Oh yeah keep visitin ….banner.gif

YAYYAYYAYAYYAYAY!!!! HAPPY XD! I GOT PAIN BRUSH (SAME AS PAINT SHOP) ON MY COMPUTER!!!! Do you know what that means????? More KAWAII drawings! I’m a little shakie using not a mouse (lab top) but i’ll get use to it! IM UBER HAPPY! YAY :D Who’s up for MY FIRST drawing?cinnamoroll-drawings.png

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