Hey! I found this pic of a cinnamoroll girl on google images and I wanted to show it to you because it’s so cute!!
Cute right!? I love how she has the tail!!!

Thats all for today!!!

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OMG! This is so cute! I want this so much!!!! Watch the video to see it!

It’s such a cute little miniture candy machine! I think it would go good with my sylvanian families japanese toys! There also really big in england. Ive been collecting for such a long time! Seven years!!!! Here’s a pic of them
There cute lil furry animals about 3 inches tall! So Kawaii! And they live in little houses like thissylvanian-families-oakwood-manor.jpg
There’s also a lot a lot a lot of more cute things for them like schools and stuff so check out their website here’s the link!
That’s the england website link! So any ways (i went a little of topic) I love that candy thingy!!!! I wonder where I can buy it…….thinking…………uhhh bye keep on visiting the
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Hello! Today I was board so I made a cinnablog logo. I don’t know why though………….LIKE IT?????!!!!!
I made it on Blingee.com My user name is kuromigirl123 (sorry cinnamoroll) Here’s the link!
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Hi peoples! I found a video on you tube on how to make a little cinnamoroll figure out of clay! It’s really cool!If I were her i would make cinnamoroll’s friends! Maybe I’ll try it out!

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Hello! I think i found the cutest cinnamoroll food ever! It’s azuki! OMG so cute!!! 164_sanrio_bento_10.jpg
It looks so yummy!!! This is way to cute to eat!ca_love_20101.gif
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Hello cinnamoroll lovers! Remember that post about lloromannic in onegai my melody? If so keep on reading! If not scroll down and you’ll find it! Any ways I found a video with some lloromannic in it! It’s the theme song and at the end it’s the end song. You probably have no idea whats happening and your probably thinking what the heck is this. But if you watch onegai my melody you’ll under stand it! (if ur in season 4) Well any ways I bet your wanting to watch the video se here it is! LLoromannic!

How was that? Wasn’t is so catchy!? There will be more cute and catchy songs on the cinnablog so keep on visiting the ….banner.gif

Hello! YAY YAY YAY!!! I finally found how to post videos!!! YAY!!! So I’m posting a whole bunch!!! Grab some pop corn, a cinnamoroll plushie to hug,then kick back and relax and watch these movies!!!!

Wasn’t that so much fun!!!! I had so much fun!!! I love them all so much I can’t even deside on a favorite!! Do you have a favorite???

If you thought that was fun, there will be much more fun on the…
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Hi! Happily I have another cinnamoroll it!!! It’s about my Touch case! I always wanted a cinnamoroll touch case.So…I cinnamorolled my old one! My old one was plane old clear YUCK!!! So I really wanted a cinnamoroll one BUT i couldn’t find one any ware! So I made one! Remember those stickers i used in my post stickers? Well those are the ones I used! LOL!!!!Here we go!
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hello!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I’ve been cleaning my room. That took a long time! ;3 Any ways I’m spending lots of time on Fantage.com instead of sanrio town lately. It’s a super fun website!!! I woke up in my hello kitty Pj’s and my Hello kitty robe, my kuromi sippers (my fave kuromi item) eating some pancakes on my chacocat plate using my cinnamoroll fork and drinking out of my cinnamoroll cup watching some anime. YEAH I’m a sanrio freak and I came up with a new thingy called CINNAMOROLL IT! It’s about taking normal STUFF and making it into A AWESOME CINNAMOROLL THINGY!Or you can use any other sanrio character. So you can be a sanrio freak! YAY! I used a tissue box. Some super cool puffy stickers and…..TADA!!!!
AWESOME SUPER KAWAII COOL CINNAMOROLL TISSUE BOX! The stickers were like 3$ and the tissue box was 4$ (so cheap!) and if u bought a REAL one it would be like 15$!!! YAY IM SAVING MONEY FOR MORE SANRIO STUFF!!!!!
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Hello! I found some more cute cinnamoroll pixels on kawaiiland.com!!!(Thanks Brb1006 for telling me about the website!) I never even seen these!!! Kawaii land is a great website! You should try it out! I loved it! Tell me if you love my pxels!
Those are SO KAWAII!!!! right? Remember to keep on loving cinnamoroll and keep on visitin the….banner.gif

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